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 Tight leather slacks under collage layered flowing fabric emphasize the paradox of freedom within bondage. The climax is a Countess Bathory figure floating down the runway in an exquisite dress Golden Goose Sale draped over a farthingale, her train a sweeping gesture of experimentation with tradition.

New York Fashion Week and were pretty positive?its coming?with heaps of snow, killer winds and gosh-awful freezing temps. NYFW really is one of the most electrifying times of the year for fashion and beauty folks, and we happen to really, really love it.

BM: I love Pinterest because its like a virtual rabbit hole of beautiful things. Golden Goose Its great because you can go through old classics and check out Blondie or Brigitte Bardot, and then also see what the modern girls are wearing in the nightclubs in Paris. The Internet is an awesome, voyeuristic portal into the lives and minds of tastemakers.

Once you communicate your vision and are both on the same page, book your artist ASAP. A good makeup artist has a packed schedule and while that says great things about their work, it means you have to get a contract in place sooner rather than later.Do a test run. 

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