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 "It was a place no human had laid eyes on before," far from sunlight, inky black with the occasional sparkling critter passing by. They kept moving down, deeper. The goal was to touch down near a volcanic vent, an opening in the seabed that leaks hot lava which then instantly cools into towers of frozen rock.

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Valentino Sandals Zaidi was convicted of assaulting a foreign leader and was sentenced to three years in jail later reduced to 12 months after an appeal.His family claims he was even offered a golden horse by the Emir of Qatar.His action was also celebrated in internet games and on Tshirts.He was meant to be released on Monday, but redtape meant he had to spend another day in jail.When news of his release filtered through to his family's home in Baghdad, there was an eruption of celebration with women dancing and singing.His brother, Uday, told a crowd of journalists: "Every time Bush turns a new page in his life he will find Muntadar's shoes waiting for him."He said Zaidi still feared for his life and would fly to Greece for medical checkups.His family had previously said the reporter was beaten while in prison, suffering a broken arm, broken ribs and internal bleeding. Those allegations have been rejected by the Iraqi military.The previously littleknown journalist worked for the private Cairobased alBaghdadia TV.As he flung the shoes, Zaidi shouted: "This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq."Mr Bush had been giving a joint news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri alMaliki, and the incident was seen as hugely embarrassing for both men.But in an interview afterwards, Mr Bush insisted he did not harbour any ill feeling about it."It was amusing I've seen a lot of weird things during my presidency, and this may rank up there as one of the weirdest," he said.