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 You just come out of BTS, a DUT or a license. In the IT labor market, we are going to stick you a label of what we call: "network administrator", this term is based on a mix of skills and level of study to signify what you are (basic skills networks + level of studies bac + 2/3)

So as a young network administrator, a lot of doors are open to you ... and that's where the ball breaks ... too many doors are open to you and the risk that you end up taking the wrong door and push yourself in without realizing it in what we can now call a "job creep", a kind of work where you do not evolve, do not learn anything new ... a food-limited job or Find a Freelance Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Indeed, in the Paris region (and perhaps in a few other regions), there is a big concentration of computer center and big company ... suddenly cabling needs are common. And do not ask me why, but today the action of taking a cable, carry it to the server, connect it, and then pass it under the false floor to the switch, the companies want admin networks. This is the reality of the market, and it must be done with but especially not to be had.Do not take wiring jobs or too versatile

How to foil this kind of ads? It's simple as soon as you see wiring, or brewing somewhere in the job description should be avoided. Experience has shown me that when the box engages an admin / network engineer to deploy for example and although in the deployment there is a wiring part, it is never mentioned because this is implicit. So the reflex to have is to blacklist any ad containing somewhere cabling or brewing (we will often be part-time) because your early career will be summed up to take excel photocopies of your wiring matrix and carried on your back 10kg cable then go under the false floor and get lime air flow then cold air see the 2 at the same time ...

Another risk at the beginning of your career, is to select a mission or a job or you will be very versatile. This time this kind of position is rather in the province that we find, in SMEs, in the public service or you will be led to not only the networks, but also the system (windows server mainly), backups , telephony, assistance to the user finally a lot of things but rather superficially. I had an experience of this type in the province during my internship of first and second year of engineering, the advantage is that we touch a little everything, but it is still rather superficial. Your goal when you have your BTS, License is to be expert networks / security not know a little bit of everything.

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