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The United Arab Emirates is blooming in the colours of New Year’s Eve for the upcoming rejoicings and promising festivities for 2019. UAE on the globe of the Gulf council can repeatedly present a biggest applaud to welcome the new year by showing amazing, splendid and luxurious displays of fireworks at the major places in Dubai such as majorly at Burj al-Khalifah and its surroundings while at Burj Al-Arab and its surroundings. You no need to get more bore just get a car hire for enjoying momentous life of being pleased with the spot where you find for life.

Where to go and how to explore; what to enjoy?

Following are the spots you can better enjoy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in UAE most probably a fun fact is hidden in Dubai.

Burj Al Khalifah

Fireworks displays near Burj Al Khalifah is as amazing as you are on a fairyland and witnessing the unicorn’s carriage on the sky. It gives a feel of 7th sky filling with heaven’s lighting. How beautifully a light after light lit up! To show mesmerizing blessings of New Years’ Eve with dynamite celebrations under the lap of the dark sky after midnight 12 am to wish everyone with Happy New Year’s Wishes!

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab on the Atlantis Palm Island is another marvel sign for celebrating the rejoicings of the New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. It musically gives a lit up to enlightened the sky with a glow and sparkling of glittery blessings by wishing the best of the best Year ever in History. It’s a Gregorian years’ celebration but as Dubai is a multicultural country so it gives a warm welcome to the people of every belonging with a so warm passionate heart.

Mall of Emirates

MOE hosts various times of shows plus musical live concerts and performances to enjoy the whole New Year night to the fullest. People with kids and families come along to enjoy the fiesta of the New Year at MOE with mindful of fun, bliss and blessings of discounts rebate on expensive things of New Year’s. Mostly ladies wait a lot for this time to get ready for the promotional sales.

Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai shopping mall is also a spot of celebrating the New Year’s Eve with full amazement and entertainment as well. Playlands in Dubai Mall are amazing for the kids to keep your kids safe there in case if you have to roam in Dubai. It always decorates with red and white balloons, Xmas Tree, and snowmen.

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