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Canada's largest city is the country's most visited destination; around 25 million people a year, including Canadians and foreigners. It is really a good business card to understand what Canada is like and Brazilians can take advantage of the electronic travel authorization, eTA Canada, which is already valid and means a Canadian visa exemption for many people. Toronto Pearson International Airport is the busiest airport in the country and the hub of Air Canada, so it is also a point of arrival for tourists from Brazil.

Canada's favorite tourist spot the most talked about among Brazilians is certainly the CN Tower , an iconic tower that appears at various angles on the metropolis' horizon, Toronto is approximately 130 kilometers from Niagara Falls. You can take a tour of Niagara Falls and visit wineries near Toronto, in nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake. There, the production of icewine from Canada stands out, wine from frozen grapes. Not only the Clubs in Toronto are the places of enjoyment, but there are other options present.

Immigrants in Toronto, a multicultural city

Toronto's population is about 6.3 million, including the metropolitan area, according to 2016 data from Statistics Canada, the body that surveys and studies the country's statistics. Of that total, some 3 million live in the city itself, half of whom were born outside Canada. An interesting mix that is reflected in the urban landscape, customs and multicultural scenery of which the Torontonian is proud, a name given to those born or living in the Canadian metropolis.

Eclectic profile easily perceived on a tour of the colorful Kensington Market to sophisticated Yorkville, or from the Entertainment District (central point of the Toronto Film Festival, held in September) to the historic and busy Union Station, connection between subway, train and UP Express (connection with the international airport).

The alternative Kensington Market

ยท         Wealth that attracts and accommodates travelers of any age.

It is possible to enjoy Toronto with children, for example. In order for the kids to know the attractions and be even more curious to visit them, Tourism Toronto, the body that promotes the Canadian destination, has even created a Toronto website for children, fun and with a childlike style. What to do in Toronto, then, is a mere decision of the approach sought. Whether on vacation or for exchange in Canada (the city has a lot of English school and also the famous University of Toronto), to enjoy a summer season or enjoy Toronto's snow in winter, there are plenty of itinerary options.

We've been there in all seasons, from high summer to cold weather, so it was on my most recent trip to the metropolis, at the invitation of Ontario Tourism, responsible for the tourist promotion of the province of Ontario. The city changes completely, according to the period. In the middle of the year, in high tourist season, ice skating on Nathan Phillips Square (in front of the old city hall building) gives way to cafes with flowered balconies.

Toronto ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square

In a coat or shirt; inside a tram in Chinatown, aboard a boat on Lake Ontario, amid mirrored buildings that reflect the sun's rays and the pointed CN Tower, in front of the windows of Hudson Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue or under the city on the paths traced by Toronto Path, remains interesting to the visitor's eye. It is betting, then, on a style or deciding to bring them all together in one trip, with a little (or a lot) of this or that. The good thing is to take advantage of the possibility of finding in Canada's largest city all at once: culture, gastronomy, shopping, scenery and entertainment.


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