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Robert Bruce Simonds, Jr. who was born in 1964 and is an American film producer, the entrepreneur, chairman and Chief executive Officer of STX Entertainment which mainly focuses on creating, producing, distributing, financing and marketing the films. The company works in different things like STX television, digital media and live events and the reality shows. They are namely STX Television, STX Digital, STX Surreal and STX International.

Robert Simonds has completed his graduation from Yale University. He is a son of a famous businessman Robert Bruce Simonds Sr.  He is blessed with four daughters and a son. His family lives in Los Angeles.

The company mainly focuses to bridge the gap between the China and US film industries. The company also has been financed by the China’s Huayi Brothers. The cofounder of STX Entertainment is Bill McGlashan. He is also the managing partner of one of the leading firm’s investment firms.

The other investors are Hony Capital which is the private equity firm from China. PCCW which is the largest internet and cable service providers in Asia, Liberty Global is the largest distribution platform in the world, Dominic Ng is the East West Bank Chairman and Beau Wringley is the CEO of WM. Their strategic relationships with the company and others have uniquely made the company to maximize their impact across the world with a direct passage to China Market.

The STX Entertainment in its four years has tripled the company valuation according to the estimate made by them which is US$3.5 billion.  For his dedicated work at STX, he was also featured as one of the top dealmakers of Hollywood in a magazine named Variety magazine in 2014.  The Hollywood reporter also named Simonds to be one of the 100 most powerful people in the field of entertainment in their 1st and 2nd annual rankings.

The STX Entertainment is said to be one of the upcoming major studio of Hollywood. The studio has been making plans to produce films in the range of $20 million to $80 million by casting the big name actors. It had an aim to release maximum up to 15 films annually by 2017, and had lined up projects with Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts, director Gary Ross and “The Purge” producer Jason Blum at the same time.

When asked to people working with this company about their views on working here, they said that it is a very good opportunity to work with STX Entertainment.

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Selecting the best vacuum cleaner is much as like selecting the best show dog because where we consider the amount of care, human interaction, appearance and obedience are the characteristics that fit both best in the show and best vacuum cleaner. So you need to take a look at some of the most popular vacuum cleaners that fits to your home and work. The Dyson DC25 ball all-floors upright vacuum cleaner is certainly contender for this coveted award in which the ball technology in vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning and turning around objects to receive the high praise from the product reviewers. The environmental friendliness is increasingly found in the vacuum cleaners in which the Dyson DC25 certainly meets all the requirements of the user and environment conditions.

The Hepa filter is a washable one that is made to function well throughout the life as the one of the best vacuum cleaner that are made because it is embedded with the improved technology that generally prevents the clogs in materials vacuumed up and eliminates the need of the manually removing those clogs and other kinds of the materials. The Electrolux EL 7020 Oxy3 ultra canister vacuum is entirely a different category where this is amazing vacuum cleaner which is in compact size and it also has an incredible heppa filter that made to fit all the spaces. While using the vacuum cleaner you can easily manage all floors and its coverings in an effective manner.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

It is very important to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home. Pet hair, skin flakes and mites can get into your carpets and irritate allergies where most common skin problems are caused by the household mold and dust. To improve your quality of the life you need to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home and for doing this first you need to know the different types of the vacuum cleaners available in the market. They are.

·         Upright vacuum cleaners

·         Canister vacuum cleaners

·         Heps filter vacuum cleaners

The next step which you have to do is that you need to decide the purpose of your vacuum cleaners and if you have allergies to dust then you need to choose the best vacuum cleaner with a heap filter system. Before choosing the vacuum cleaner you need to find what type of the flooring is there in your home whether wood or tile  for example if you find the upright pushing vacuum cleaner then you want to choose the canister vacuum cleaner which is of lightweight.

The next is thing is you need to decide your budget for which you are going to buy the vacuum cleaner because some vacuum cleaners are very expensive and it can be easy to be talked into the more high price so before buying the vacuum cleaner first check the price of the brand in the online stores. The shop will be selling the product in the amount in addition with the 10% of the amount shown in the online stores; if you do this job then you can buy the best vacuum cleaner on your budget.