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Do you have the shortage of space for keeping the precious antique furniture in your home? If yes, then renting a self -storage unit is the best option for you. Now you may raise a question like what is a storage unit. Well, a self-storage unit is a facility that provides space to the homeowners as well as the businessmen who lack enough space in their house or office buildings. You can take the storage solution either on the long-term basis or on the short-term basis. It’s up to you which facility you choose.

There are different types of items that you can store in the unit.  Wooden and metal furniture is one of such storable item. Public storage provides you with the room you require for keeping the antique and modern furniture you love. In the below section, you will find some easy steps that will help you to successfully prepare and store the furniture items for the long-term basis.

  • Clean

Before you store the items, clean each and every item properly. Take a fresh cloth and wipe your valuable belongings with it. You may use water or any kind of cleaner for the items such as metal, glass, wood and so on. After wiping them with a piece of cloth, let the items dry. Then again clean the items properly before you pack them.

  • Disassemble the Furniture

It will be easy for you to transport the furniture if you disassemble them. All items are not required to be disassembled. Take the large items like beds, couches, and tables and disassemble the pieces before transporting them to the self- storage unit. For instance, you may remove the legs from the sofas and the tables; take out the drawers from the dressers and the cushions from your couches. Take these pieces together and label them for staying organized.

  • Cover All the Items

After transporting the furniture to the storage unit, cover them with the right materials like bubble wrapper to protect them. For the items that will break easily, you may use bubble wrap to prevent them from breakage. Some of these fragile items are mirrors, framed pictures, lamps and more. Avoid the use of plastic package material if it is possible. This is due to the fact that the plastic package may suffocate certain items such as fabrics and wood. This can cause unpleasant smell in the unit.

Apart from that, you can also use drop cloths, sheet or blankets to protect the items from the harmful effects of dust. However, all furniture does not have the same requirements. So, it is necessary to conduct little bit research beforehand.

This is how you can store your valuable furniture in the self- storage unit on a long-term basis. However, do not forget to store all the items strategically to maximize the space of your unit. Don’t keep the fragile items under any heavy item. Keep all the items in an organized way. Do not forget to label the items as this will help you to find the required furniture within a short time. Now quickly choose the best storage solution and store your belongings.

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Over the years, the individuals have been reliant on the self-storage units because, at times, one just needs more space. The reason for renting one can be many. However, the larger segment of the population mostly opts for these storage units when they relocate or run out of space to accommodate some necessary belongings. The demand for these spaces have increased over the years and now people often find it intimidating to choose the right storage space among the myriad of options that are available. Are you finding it difficult to pick a store for keeping your possessions? If yes, it’s high time for you to know the tricks and tips to select the finest storage unit.

Are you interested to opt for the Centennial storage units? Regardless of the location that you prefer, it is important for you to consider the factors mentioned below for selecting an appropriate storage space.

  • Decide On the Kind of Storage Unit That You Need

Consider taking a look at your possessions which you’ve planned to store in the extra spaces. You may have an idea about the size of the storage unit that will be appropriate enough to keep the items in a safe manner. Don’t rent the smallest unit just for the sake of saving some money. Keeping multiple items in one tiny storage space can make your possessions vulnerable to damage. Hence, research well and pick the right storage unit in accordance with your requirements. Make sure to check the reviews and compare the office hours prior to renting one.

  • Ask Necessary Questions

Now that you’re aware of what exactly you’re looking for, it’s high time for you to visit the storage locations that attain the topmost position of your priority list. Consider making the most of your visit by asking relevant questions. Are you unaware of the questions that you need to ask before renting a storage unit? If yes, catch a glimpse of the points mentioned below:

1.    Make sure to ask the property caretaker if you can, for once, see the storage space that you would get.

2.    Confirm whether there are any discounts or rental specials available.

3.    Know what would happen in case you miss or else you’re late on the payment.


  • Visit Multiple Locations Prior To Signing

Repeat the procedure with several self-storage spaces in varied locations prior to signing up for one specific storage unit. This can help you to determine the right space for storing your prized possessions. Consider signing the contract after paying a visit to multiple places as well as reviewing the documents and taking some time to consider the storage space that is convenient for your belongings.

You can ask for recommendations from your trusted friends or relatives who have prior experience of renting a storage unit. Make sure to choose a unit near your office or house so that you can have an easy access to your belongings whenever you want. Thus, the storage units have now become accessible to keep your important items.


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When businesses advertise their products or services, it becomes important to cover all bases. The signage used in the interior of the showroom or gallery is crucial for tempting all the customers so that they make purchases and invest in the services offered by the business.

At the same time, it is also important to encourage them to enter the building in the first place. This is where the importance of external advertising comes into foreplay. In this context, it is imperative to have outdoor notice boards as it acts as an effective tool for external advertising. Read the post to know how different businesses can make use of them for better outcomes.

  • Best for Sharing Community Messages

Notice boards placed in the outdoors are considered as a popular tool for sharing community messages. They are indeed a worthy investment for churches and village centers as they are ideal means of keeping the local updated about the latest events as well as news.

The notice boards with lockable options safeguard them from weather damage as well as vandalism. The notice board located outside the premises of businesses will allow people to learn about the discounts as well as special offers being offered to the customers.

  • Effective for the Uses in Schools

With numerous students in every school, it becomes very difficult for the management of the institution to keep the parents informed about the happenings inside the school. When parents are coming to drop and to collect their children can have a quick view of the notice board placed outside.

It will allow them to learn things that need to remember such as a sudden day off or any event going to be organized by the staff members. This is one of the most effective ways of letting the parents know about the PTA (Parents Teachers Association) meetings. Thus investing in outdoor notice boards is indeed beneficial for the school management.  

  • Retail Businesses Can also Reap Benefits

Organizations engaged in retail sector may find the notice boards placed outside highly useful for sharing organizational information with the customers. Well, this can be anything ranging from opening timings of the particular outlet to advertising events as well as promotions.

The best thing is that they are available in different range of colors as well as styles so that they match or complement the branding. Another important benefit having these notice boards is that even if the outlet or the store remains closed, the message will be displayed to the people.

So, it can be said that any given business can benefit from having a board to be installed on their premises. They are considered as the best option to give a voice to the businesses out of the working hours and make sure that their valued customers do not miss on any of the important information related. It is always better to get in touch with well-established service providers to get the products.

Service providers offer a variety of products with wide range of options among them. All you need to do is to look out the options available and make an investment; you never know it might alter the way of your doing business.