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I see something coming inside the future… something that is going to be of interest to Path of Exile fans. And it's going to arrive on June 3rd. It’s the fundamental mid-expansion update! Called Path of Exile: Prophecy, this big content release and beginning on the next challenge league launches by 50 % weeks. As the name might suggest, Prophecy carries a fortune-telling theme with it, brought alive with POE Currency new mechanics, new items, along with a new NPC. I gazed into my powerful crystal ball, calling upon each one of my future-reading abilities (read: sat down with Producer Chris Wilson) to understand about what Wilson termed as a “mini-expansion” companion to Ascendancy. See what your future holds in Prophecy!
The latest league
I’ll readily admit: I didn’t really try any one Path of Exile’s various challenge leagues before this latest one, the Perandus League. The idea of always starting over was obviously a hard one will swallow, but after you have in and experiencing and enjoying the special nuances, I’ve arrive at quite want it. And this next league sounds quite intriguing.
The league is focused entirely on a new NPC, the fortune-teller Nevali, and Path of Exile Currency her furry companion, the monkey Yama the White. A Karui Soothsayer, Nevali was raised in the dead like a revenant inside service of Hinekora (the Karui Goddess of Death, Decay, plus the Harbinger of Danger), and he or she’s been made to grant glimpses in the future using the living. Why? As Wilson noted, so those living will “live wisely and gain knowledge that will enrich the Land from the Dead upon their deaths.” For the expense of silver coins, the special currency gained with this league, players will surely have their fortunes told. The coins can be found on mobs while adventuring through the overall game; generally speaking, one coin will probably be hidden using one random mob in each zone, so players may need to clear the zone to be able to acquire it.

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