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MMOs and MMORPGs have generally been a PC based genre. The always on, constantly updated nature in the genre made them an ill fit on consoles with nascent internet capabilities. Sure, there have been  exceptions. Phantasy Star Online Tera Items was released within the Dreamcast long ago in 2000, and here within the West we've got EverQuest Online Adventures in 2003. But these were exceptions relative for the deluge  of such games arriving on home computers with the time.
Now situations are changing. A slew of existing MMOs & MMORPGs saw console releases this season, one example is Skyforge by Russian publisher We got an immense new title from the way of Destiny 2  which, as well as available on PC, is clearly a console-first game. Grand Theft Auto 5 saw a number of major (free) updates to its online component (Grand Theft Auto Online), whilst still being continues  to attract new players.
But we suspect the important story is 2018. Tera and Black Desert Online are slated to generate their console appearances next season. They will probably be joining runaway success Playerunknown's Battlegrounds which Buy Tera Items just saw an Xbox One to liberate few days ago. There's clearly a large pool of console gamers desperate to feast for the genre we've taken for granted with the past decade. I suspect we'll see a lot more  ports, and a lot more console-first MMO projects launched in 2018. How this surge will effect the PC MMO information mill as of yet undetermined. Lets see just what the future holds!

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