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 It can be fun making Holiday surprise baskets for your dearest friends, or for those you want to attract. You really know what they like and can tailor the gift idea baskets to meet their tastes.

1. Foodstuff surprise baskets
You know the usual surprise bins. Food, wine and that jazz.
Well, a berry basket filled with fresh fruit harvested from your garden would be wonderful... if the times of yr permit it. If not, if you made jellies and preserves from farmed fruit, these would be wonderful in the gift idea basket.
Get a wicker basket.
Place an enormous box of cookies you baked yourself at the bottom of the basket.
Arrange vibrant bottles of jam on top of that package, with a bottle of wine in the middle.
Use a clear adhesive tape to keep everything in place.
In that case wrap the complete basket as well as contents with cellophane conventional paper.
Tie a bow around the wine container for the finishing touch.
Image Source: Pexels
2. Transformation gift idea bag
Know of an common jane you would like to makeover into a lovely swan? Drag her to the mall and get her to try out various dresses until you find one the lady looks amazing in. Get that for her.
Move her to the cosmetic counter for one remodel after another and when you find a glance the girl looks fabulous in, and buy the cosmetic used to create that look.
Cart her to the shoe shop and opt for a set of high heels that fit her and which go with the costume.
If she still lets us you live, put the shoes, dress and cosmetic in a basket and wrap it with cellophane. Certainly it wouldn't be a surprise, but that would probably be the gift idea that she would remember more than whatever else. She might be embarassed when you get her to use that gift idea at a celebrate, but I'm certain she'd be pleased regardless of whether she shows it.


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