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How swimwear manufacturer to Create a Billy the Exterminator Costume, To walk a mile in Billys shoes, the first thing youll need is a mean mullet!(Mississippi mud mullet)Nothing accents a mullet more than a hat and Billy cant be seen without his trademark crushed cowboy hat.(Rock star cowboy hat)ClothesWhen youre as buff as Billy, you want to make sure everyone can see how big you are. And nothing says strong like a man with a Punisher t-shirt on. Take a pair of scissors and cut the sleeves off, a guy like you wont need them! Complete the look with a cool biker vest. Dont worry, you dont need a bike to look like a biker!(Punisher T-shirt)(Biker vest)Complete the wardrobe by wearing a pair of old blue jeans. Youre also going to need boots. Any boots will do, even cowboy boots.AccessoriesNo Billy the Exterminator costume would be complete without his patent studded gloves and wristbands. Look out you pests and rodents, Billy the Exterminator has fingerless gloves!(Studded biker gloves)Mike Kinney, or as he is known in the pro-wrestling world, Cowboy Gator Magraw, is a staff writer for For a cute couples costume, pair with a sexy skunk. Or, for a hilarious best buds duo costume, pair with this roadkill costume.

Looking for something different and inexpensive? Be the costume manufacturer talk of the party this Halloween when you show up as "Billy the Exterminator"! For those of you unfamiliar with Billy, he is a loud-mouth reality star who captures household rodents and insects. And while Billy may have a lot to say, the only thing louder than Billys mouth is his wardrobe. Think "Joe Dirt" meets KISS or where white trash collides with heavy metal! Fear not, with this helpful guide, you will have all the right tools to ROCK this Halloween! (source)HairIts sleek, its long and it never goes out of styleat least not for Billy the Exterminator.

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