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ExistBI trainers are certified, enthusiastic and extremely experienced. We offer official, fit for purpose curriculums or certified onsite or via virtual classroom to meet the needs of your organization. We are a leading business intelligence and big data training, consulting and execution services company with multiple offices across the US, Canada, UK and Europe. We service medium to large organizations and many of the Global 2000. We provide training on the following technologies,

Big Data Training: We offer classic and fit for purpose Big Data training classes.(Data Migration Services) Our classes are designed with video, live streaming, class sheets and handouts. Our courses will also cover Microsoft BI including its visualization and forecasting features, data warehousing options and SQL Server Integration Services.

Informatica Training: Many of our trainers have previously worked for Informatica Professional Services and all bring over 10 years of business intelligence implementation experience to help with any additional real-time requirements / project questions. Your team will be provided with a certified instructor, licensed environment and course materials for a complete professional training experience.

IBM InfoSphere Training: ExistBI certified IBM InfoSphere trainers deliver class based, custom and virtual training services to meet the needs of your organization. We are authorized IBM partners and deliver regularly corporate training, consulting and support services in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. We provide the certified instructor, licensed environment, materials and hands-on labs.

Microsoft BI Training:  Our Microsoft Business Intelligence training solutions and services to customers  is praised around the globe! We offer Microsoft BI curriculum onsite or virtual classroom to meet the requirements of your organization in classic or customized option.

MicroStrategy Training: We deliver training based on the MicroStrategy curriculum plus proprietary content to fit the students’ need of theoretical notion completed with hands-on practical experience. We focus on the customer’s environment and do our best to simulate the setup that the user will find in his/her organization. When clients provide a sample of their data we can also tailor few exercises so that the lessons are similar to “real-life” with the tool.

At ExistBI we take training seriously. Exist BI believes that an effective BI project requires educated professionals, analysts, developers and end users. Our teams of certified Micro Strategy training professionals have gained experience through years of work in the field and education.

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