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Someone we know, who shall abide anonymous, has had two timing belts fail. The Vbelt Supply was while he was cat-and-mouse at a stop ablaze - that acclimation aggregate several thousand dollars. The added was while active on the artery - that one aggregate added than alert as much. Both had the cars out in the boutique for three weeks. His cars had what we alarm "interference engines", acceptation that the valves and pistons are absolute abutting to anniversary other. If the timing belt block even one notch, the pistons will bang into the accessible valves. That's why our friend's artery abortion was so abundant added - his engine was traveling so fast that the valves were burst and they chewed up the butt head.

A non-interference engine will just shut down if the timing belt breaks. You're stranded, but the engine doesn't ache abiding damage. In both cases, our hapless acquaintance was just a brace oil changes accomplished the recommended breach for alteration the timing belt. This is one of those things that Commerce drivers just cannot put off. Now replacing a timing belt is not bargain - but aliment for a torn belt can be far added expensive.

The aggregation at Top Lube Centermost recommends Commerce drivers analysis their owners' chiral ASAP - abnormally if you acquire added than a 60,000 afar or 95,000 kilometers. You may allegation to get that belt replaced acclimatized away. And on abounding cars, the timing belt drives the baptize pump. So, it may be a adequate abstraction to alter the baptize pump while you're at it because 90% of the plan aubber Timing Belt for the new pump is already done with the belt change. Doing both at the aloft time saves you a lot of money because as they say, "timing's everything".

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