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 1. Start by slicing a sheet of paper that extends

2-Three inches past your object or cool presents for guys each vertically and horizontally.

3. Wrap the paper round your object width-wise, and safe alongside the sting with tape to create a tube that's open on each ends.

Flatten the ends of the tube, and fold one edge over 1 inch. Fold the identical edge over once more to hide the minimize fringe of the paper. Repeat on the opposite finish of the reward.
four. Lastly, hole-punch the folded ends, then thread the ribbon by way of the holes and tie.

Fiddling round with sticky tape, an in depth name with the scissors and shards of wrapping paper littering your ground - these are among the perils we face wrapping Christmas items.

The nightmare is sufficient to make you cancel your health club membership and turn into a full time 'wrap' artist you might be burning that many energy stressing over it.

However don't be concerned, if the very thought hasn't pushed you over the sting - we're right here to assist.

If you happen to're getting your infant a soccer this Christmas and need to see the enjoyment on their face as they rip open the paper here is how to ensure yours is the most effective wanting reward beneath the tree.

Observe the video for ideas and tips from a wrapping skilled at John Lewis and discover ways to make sure that your soccer is offered as fantastically as it may be.