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I find it perplexing that Apple didn’t initially include an AM/FM radio in its iPod music players, or in its later Smartphone. Other companies, such as Creative, include radios in their portable music players; some smart phones, such as models from HTC, also have this feature.

It took Apple a half-dozen generations before it added Ecouter FM radio En Direct En Ligne functionality to its players, which it finally did with the iPod nano. But there’s still no AM or FM Radio Streaming in the flagship iPhone. And why not? It could be a simple matter of price; the pennies that it would cost to add the AM or FM circuitry would push the iPhone’s price up above what the average consumer is willing to pay. I don’t think that’s the case, however; most folks wouldn’t notice if the iPhone’s price went up by a buck or two. And, after all, Apple was able to add an FM radio to the moderately priced iPod nano without anyone crying foul. Why not to any other devices in the line? So maybe it’s a space issue, although it’s hard to believe that whatever chip or circuitry that might be needed couldn’t be fit within the iPhone case. Battery life might also be an issue; I imagine an AM or FM radio would draw some amount of power that could diminish the phone’s overall battery life. It could also be a simple matter of Apple not wanting you to have the option of free music over the airwaves, especially when they have that big ol’ iTunes Store there to sell you all the music you want.

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Why give it to you free if they can make money selling it to you? I’ve even seen some people argue that AM/FM radio just isn’t elegant enough for the folks at Apple. Terrestrial radio, after all, is rife with static and poor reception, and that’s not the way Apple likes to roll. If it ain’t clean and clear digital, Apple don’t want it. Or maybe Apple just doesn’t think AM or FM radio Live Online is important enough to bother with. There may be something to this; given the choice of listening to your own custom playlists or being forced to sit through the dreck that most commercial radio stations broadcast these days, who wouldn’t turn off the radio in favor of a personalized digital music stream? In any case, Apple obviously doesn’t think this is a burning issue, and it probably isn’t – or else more people would be complaining about it. Still, there are times and places where AM or FM radio may be your only listening choice; I’d really appreciate it if my iPhone could pick up my local stations, in addition to the streaming and downloadable music options currently offered.

What can you do if you want to listen to terrestrial Ecouter FM Radio En Direct En Ligne on your iPhone? There are actually a couple of options. The first thing you can do is connect an external radio to your iPhone, via a piece of add-on hardware. There used to be a few different choices here, but the market seems to have shaken out – maybe completely.

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