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Category: ArcheAge

The expected update of Trion Worlds' successful MMORPG game ArcheAge finally made its debut. With the release of Legends Return number 4.5 which is presented to users today many new features are added to the game and the universe of ArcheAge is growing.

With Legends Return we have two new progress-progression servers in the game and at the same time we will be able to use the new dragons as battle beads in ArcheAge.ArcheAge Gold Shadow Invasions rift events and more among the players waiting. In addition Trion Worlds has released the new ArcheAge 4.5 - Legends Return trailer that you can watch from here.

Two new progression servers are available free of charge to all users from day one. But those who bought the entry package Legends Return Entry Pack could have made a name choice before. There were also various in-game gifts in these packages. However they still did not have pay-to-win features due to their general structure.Two new progression servers called Nui and Ezi will feature the original content of ArcheAge that is features of the game's first release period. Let's see if these servers are as interested as they are?