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As one of the pioneer games in the Battle Royale genre, H1Z1 appears to do the same using their recently announced H1Z1 Pro League. Operate by Daybreak Games, in partnership with Twin Galaxies, the H1Z1 Pro League aims by itself as a player-first product.
The Pro League is made up of 15 teams of 5 gamers that compete more than two 10 week splits, culminating in the Championship in 2018. The new league is actually overseen by the Governance Committee, which will consist of reps from Daybreak, Twin Galaxies, taking part team organizations, as well as players.
There's no buy-in costs for taking part teams, and there are guaranteed salaries as well as a Player Bill of Rights. The baseline salary of the H1Z1 Pro League is actually $50, 000, however the final number will be decided by the Governance Committee.
“H1Z1 burst on to the esports scene with its first Battle Royale tournament more than two years ago and has continued to provide the community with occasions like the H1Z1 Invitational, Elites Series at DreamHack and the primetime broadcast of Guard The Buy H1z1 skins Crown on The CW Network. Our own goal with the H1Z1 Pro League is to create a world-class encounter worthy of our extremely competitive community, ” H1Z1 general office manager Anthony Castoro mentioned in a press release. “We chose to partner with Twin Galaxies because they bring a unique and persuasive vision for exactly how H1Z1 can reshape the world of professional esports, and they share our own core value of putting players first. ”
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