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Runefest 2017 took place last weekend break, and part of the celebrations included a RuneScape Tournament. A prize $20, 000 in addition $10, 000 for a charity of the winner’s choice was up for grabs, but Jagex, the actual developer of Runescape and host of the tournament, don’t know who to honor it to.
The actual tournament took place within Old School RuneScape, the branch of the game that keeps the aesthetic and systems from 3 years ago. A competition machine was set up, and the top 2, 000 competitive players competent for entry. In order to win the competition, players had to degree up for one week, after that battle it out.
The initial 2, 000 that qualified for your tournament eventually dropped down to 200. When this occurs, Jagex divided all of them into groups of fifty and placed all of them on four islands. The first trouble started on Red Tropical isle, where seven players wouldn’t fight one another and instead formed an alliance. Jagex ended up having to disqualify them when they rejected to disband.
Since the tournament continued, several players were shut off at random, and the concept that they had been DDOSed Buy Runescape 2007 Gold began to surface. This particular became more relevant when the last one standing was 5PLUS50K12 who is part of the clan with a terrible reputation called Rule of Terror.
It had been later confirmed through Jagex that 5PLUS50K12 created a bot grind, which can be used in the DDOS attack. Because this disqualifies him from the prize, Jagex is a bit baffled in what to do with the prize money. The competition took such a long time to set up and coordinate that a rematch isn’t possible. Jagex’s statement regarding dispersal of prize money is below.
This then increases the question associated with what to do with the prize money. At the moment we’re discussing what to do by using it. A few ideas we now have at the moment are another charitable donation, dispersing the money among the finalists, or even carrying it to the next season (or a combination of all of these).
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