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There are many things in college that offer short-term happiness and if you aren’t careful they will derail your push for academic excellence. You can borrow a leaf from the famous Australian writers who are many students’ role models, and work hard to emulate them.


The temptations will give short-lived good feelings but will certainly affect your ultimate goal. You may think that the activities you are doing are part of your life in college. to some extent they are part of it, but you need to evaluate how vital they are in enhancing your studies and giving you a better life after graduation. It will be fun to follow your friends for a Wednesday night party but it will certainly have a negative effect on your academic Thursday.


You will affect your GPA for a one-night’s fun and so you shouldn’t allow yourself to regret later in life when you fail to land a job because of poor grades. Focus on the main goal for that matter and shelve the fun associated with being in college. you will have all the time you need when you graduate and get yourself a good job, and enough money to enjoy the night outs.


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