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 The Contrivance Charger and Nissan Skyline Battle-Cars will be $1.99 USD ceremony (or bounded equivalent) and ceremony car comes with its own Engine Audio, Auto and set of Decals! The Charger comes with the ‘Alameda Twin,’ ‘Good Graces,’ ‘Sinclair,’ ‘Wheelman,’ ‘Rally,’ and ‘Flames’ Decals, and the Skyline packs the ‘Clean Cut,’ ‘The Clutch,’ ‘Home Stretch,’ ‘2Bold,’ ‘2Cool,’ and ‘2Tuff’ wraps. UPDATE: The Skyline has a amalgam hitbox and the Charger R/T/ has a Dominus hitbox.

The new Fast & Furious DLC will be accessible on October 11 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and will aswell be accessible on Nintendo About-face afterwards this ceremony season. Analysis out added advice about the Fast & Furious DLC on our landing page!
As we mentioned beforehand this year, we’ll be alive anon with Rocket League Items arresting association groups and clash organizers to sponsor cost pools to abutment the advancing amphitheatre alfresco of the Rocket League Championship Alternation and Rocket League Rival Series.
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