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Look for the anchored block that you'll see on one end of the log splitter. Put the log you are Log Splitter adjoin the wedge. You'll see an arm or a button to actuate the agent which pushes the log adjoin the wedge. Advance the button or cull the arm until the log is actually split. Then, release. Repeat this action until the log is breach to the admeasurement you want.

Consider the use of accession affectionate of log splitter. This one is manual. This log splitter has a hydraulic jack absorbed to one end with a anchored block on the added end.

Tighten the spiral on the hydraulic jack. This allows you to pump the arm and move the cylinder. Put your log in the splitter; pump until the log is split. Absolution the spiral on the jack so you can advance the butt aback down in place. Re-tighten the screw. Repeat the process.


Think assurance first. Use a log splitter on akin ground. Secure the log splitter so that it can't move. Consistently abrasion assurance glasses and gloves while appliance a log splitter.

Know that there is added than one affectionate of log splitter. One blazon is a hydraulic log splitter that runs with a gas-operated engine.

Check the engine for gas and oil afore you alpha to use a log splitter. Turn the about-face on. Crank the engine. This will actuate the Lumber Jack Log Splitter  pump that is operated by pressure.

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