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Look for the anchored block that you'll see on one end of the log splitter. Put the log you are Log Splitter adjoin the wedge. You'll see an arm or a button to actuate the agent which pushes the log adjoin the wedge. Advance the button or cull the arm until the log is actually split. Then, release. Repeat this action until the log is breach to the admeasurement you want.

Consider the use of accession affectionate of log splitter. This one is manual. This log splitter has a hydraulic jack absorbed to one end with a anchored block on the added end.

Tighten the spiral on the hydraulic jack. This allows you to pump the arm and move the cylinder. Put your log in the splitter; pump until the log is split. Absolution the spiral on the jack so you can advance the butt aback down in place. Re-tighten the screw. Repeat the process.


Think assurance first. Use a log splitter on akin ground. Secure the log splitter so that it can't move. Consistently abrasion assurance glasses and gloves while appliance a log splitter.

Know that there is added than one affectionate of log splitter. One blazon is a hydraulic log splitter that runs with a gas-operated engine.

Check the engine for gas and oil afore you alpha to use a log splitter. Turn the about-face on. Crank the engine. This will actuate the Lumber Jack Log Splitter  pump that is operated by pressure.

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To Black Diamond Log Splitter abstain squashing a finger, acid yourself, or worse:

Accept The Type of Copse You're Alive With. Certain types of copse acknowledge abnormally as they are split. Consistently abode your easily on the abandon on the log, not on the ends, afore agreement the copse central the log splitter. If you get into copse that isn't beeline grained or has crotches, be able for it to breach anyhow - whether that is at an angle, a big block appear out the side, the log turns sideways, etc. Identify any out of the accustomed pieces of copse and afresh abide with caution.

Alone Plan If You Are Well Rested and Alert. With any equipment, you accept to be absolutely acquainted and active of your surrounds. With log splitting, as with added machinery, there's no do overs! If you alpha accepting ever tired, acquisition yourself "resting" your easily amiss on the log, or accepting awkward with your work, stop. Stop appropriate afresh and go do something else.

Abstain Unnecessary Aback Aches. The a lot of accepted wear if application a log splitter comes from appropriation rounds. Bending over and over afresh to lift a abundant amount can bound ache your lower back. The Breach Additional is aswell the alone log splitter that adjusts to your height; adopting 27" to 34" to not alone accumulate you safe, but comfortable. Try to plan with accessories that is customizable to your needs and comfort.

Plan Properly If You Are Part of A Team. Never acquiesce added than one being at a time to use the log splitter. The aforementioned being should both amount and accomplish the log splitter. If you are alive with a team, be abnormally acquainted of your ambience and what others are accomplishing as you are splitting.

wear The Appropriate Clothing. Consistently wear Safety glasses or goggles while application the log splitter. Never wear apart applicable accouterment or jewelry, instead wear close fitting, adequate clothes and gloves during splitter operation. On the aforementioned note, never accomplish barefoot or while cutting sandals. Consistently wear careful shoes with non-skid soles.

Apprehend Your Log Splitter Accessories Owner's Manual. As always, your accessories owner's chiral will outline aggregate you charge to accomplish your accouterment safely. Don't apathy the Safety recommendations.

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Electric Log Splitter can save your aback and your sanity, abnormally if you depend on a copse stove as your primary antecedent of winter heat. Anyone who has anytime breach firewood by duke with an axe knows that not alone is it backbreaking harder work, it can be alarming plan too.

Axe accidents appear if amateur users become overtired and abide working, accident their absorption and abasing themselves. Unless you are in actually abundant concrete shape, it doesn’t yield continued to become overtired agreeable copse by hand. Even accomplished copse splitters can abuse themselves if an axe block or a aberration arises.

Electric log splitters are simple to use already you’ve apprehend the chiral and accept had anyone appearance you how to achieve the machine. Both accumbent and vertical models are available, with the accumbent models accepting by far the a lot of accepted for home use. If, however, you reside in a abounding breadth and will be appliance the electric log splitter on angled or asperous terrain, you may able-bodied acquisition a vertical splitter to be added abiding and simple to transport.

Electric log splitters all plan basically the aforementioned way. The log is aboriginal placed in cradle which holds it deeply in place. A ram with a aciculate adherent brand is afresh affected into the log at one end with abundant burden and ability to breach it into two pieces. A acceptable advantageous electric Black Diamond Log Splitter for home use can be purchased new for about $500, with larger, added able models aswell available.

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Using Log Splitter in Australia makes acid up firewood for your copse boiler abundant easier than active abroad with an axe. Not alone can you cut the time to accumulate abundant firewood to endure you a anniversary or two in half, you can aswell ensure that anniversary of the wedges is of a agnate size, authoritative them easier to assemblage and to burn. So, what is the best way to accept a log splitter to clothing your needs?

Remember that log splitters are accessible in both electric and hydraulic models – the blazon that you accept should be partially based on what array of ability admission you have. If you alone plan on appliance your splitter abutting to home (and a ability outlet) afresh an electric archetypal will clothing you fine, but if you plan on affective your splitter about a lot, you will allegation a hydraulic one.

You should aswell attending at the bulk of log splitters in Australia if authoritative a accommodation – electric models are about bisected the bulk (or less) of what you would pay for a hydraulic one. Whilst this added money in your abridged is an added bonus, you should aswell accumulate in apperception that an electric splitter alone has about bisected the ability of a hydraulic one, so it is clashing for anytime blubbery or harder timber.

Once you accept looked at the aloft factors, allotment your newest log splitter in Australia should be easy. It is aswell recommended (if you plan on appliance your splitter a lot or you just don’t accept the time to complete approved maintenance) that you Performance Built Log Splitter in a archetypal that is self-maintaining and self-lubricating – this makes your job even easier.

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Although abate firewood Log Splitter are advised for home, there are now abounding bartering units available. Some bartering splitters are allotment of a 'firewood processor' that saw logs of balk into lengths, breach them, and afresh backpack the copse up an absorbed agent assimilate a accumulation or into a bag, barter or trailer. Specialty producers such as those address maple abstract use units that breach 4 bottom lengths. Machines that breach and point copse for fence column aswell abide admitting they are few in aggregate as it is about safer and added acceptable to saw the posts.

The ascent aggregate of calm heating gas oil has reawakened a admiration for accession ammunition sources and afire copse is carbon neutral. Modern copse afire stoves are able and safe. Abounding consumers that would not accept advised agreeable their own logs a few years ago are now afire copse ammunition for both ecological and economical reasons.

Although a acceptable log splitter can save the abettor hours of labor, it is not accessible to achieve it actually safe. Alone accomplished adults should achieve a log splitter, aback annihilation bent amid the log and the agreeable brand will accept at atomic 10 accoutrements of pressure. A lot of hydraulic machines now accept 'two handed operation' for assurance which agency that both of the operator's calmly are bare to actuate the splitter appropriately befitting them out of the way of the affective blade.

The behavior of anniversary log can not be predicted, so a assurance breadth should be accustomed about the splitter to anticipate abrasion from aerial splinters of wood. Helpers can aces up the alone pieces of Black Diamond Log Splitter, but should not angle abreast the log splitter while it is in operation.

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Visual Preview of the Models Reviewed in this Article

There’s added admonition I allegation to awning to lay the background for purchasing the best Log Splitter but for those of you who are impatient, this is for you.

Skip this breadth if you ambition all the details…much added to analyze afterwards in the article.

Minimal Aliment | Electric Copse Splitter

For homeowners, an electric log splitter is ideal for abounding reasons, with abounding advantages over a gas copse splitter. You see, the capital affair I accept with gas log splitters, or any added gas tool, is the actuality that they crave a lot of connected aliment and a lot of homeowners either don’t do it appropriately or don’t ambition to do it. Let’s be honest about this issue. The boilerplate homeowner doesn’t ambition to do maintenance!

If you adjudge to buy an electric copse splitter your activity will be a accomplished lot easier. You don’t allegation to alter atom plugs, or change the oil, or ample it up with gasoline, or change the oil filter. And that’s just the accessible stuff. Let’s not forget, a gas log splitter emits effluvium that you inhale, so from a accepted bloom point of view, an electric archetypal is far added able to be about and 100% apple-pie burning.

An electric Black Diamond Log Splitter  is abundant quieter and easier on your ears. This isn’t a atomic matter. Sure, you can get audition aegis but it’s afflictive to be absorbed in a blatant environment. It’s not a able way to work. In all fairness, log splitters aren’t as blatant as some added gas tools, such as chainsaws.

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This activity uses the basics of what a Log Splitter acclimated to be: a arbor with a hydraulic butt absorbed to force an axe-head through the log. Splitter gurus will altercate about the claim of their altered log-splitters but I accept the vertical table splitter is the a lot of practical.

To physique a log-splitter, breadth do you start? Is it for bartering use or just the casual weekend job? Do you already accept a lot of apparatus lying around? Unless you accept a ample budget, there will consistently be a allegation to accommodation somewhere.

At CC Hydraulics, we do not physique log-splitters. In fact, we do not architecture log-splitters or acknowledge to be experts as there are accomplished bartering log-splitter builders around. But we advertise affluence of hydraulic accessories to humans who architecture and physique their own log-splitters and through accomplishing this well, we accept acquired a lot of ability about what works and what doesn't. Accept me, there is a huge aggregate of misinformation out there.

Build it yourself and save!

Building your own log splitter from blemish can be a fun, educational and money extenuative project. Plus, with our antecedent account beneath of locations bare to get your log splitter up and active to aftermath firewood, there is no allegation to absorb hours analytic the internet.

With our locations account you can bound acquisition what you allegation at abatement prices. We've aggregate the a lot of arresting sources for you to bang on and see the abounding options accessible for architecture your copse splitter at arrangement prices.

Save On Copse Splitter Parts

[Horizontal Copse Splitters] Log splitter kits about awning a lot of of the hydraulic apparatus you will allegation to put your log splitter calm and get it accessible for firewood production.

Click on the links and Amazon or eBay buttons beneath to antecedent your Black Diamond Log Splitter at beneath retail prices. Get them now and save!

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The high-pressure aqueous acts aloft the rod and agent aural aLog Splitter . Anniversary achievement of the butt converts the aqueous ability (pressure) into plan (mechanical force). The backlog oil akin avalanche while the rod and agent are extending.

When the rod and agent retract, the aqueous allotment to the reservoir. The metal walls of the backlog air-conditioned the aqueous by acceptance calefaction to escape. The bargain burden in the backlog aswell allows trapped or attenuated air to escape from the fluid. If cylinders accept to abbreviate air bubbles, the ability of the arrangement is reduced.

There are two types of valves, directional ascendancy valves and burden abatement valves. Directional ascendancy valves administer the breeze aisle of the aqueous in the system. Burden abatement valves assure the arrangement accouterments and apparatus adjoin burden overloads. They aswell absolute the achievement force exerted by rotary motors and cylinders. These valves accessible whenever the burden goes aloft the set value, acceptance oil to breeze aback into the reservoir.

The aqueous campaign from one basal to the next aural a hydraulic arrangement through a hydraulic hose.

A log splitter is a breadth of accouterment or accessories acclimated for agreeable firewood from softwood or balk logs that accept been pre-cut into sections (rounds), usually by chainsaw or on a saw bench. Abounding log splitters abide of a hydraulic or electrical rod and agent accumulation and these are about rated by the accoutrements of force they can generate. The college the burden rating, the greater the array or breadth of the circuit that can be split. The Lumber Jack Log Splitter consists of all four aloft hydraulic components.

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Powerful and versatile, Wallenstein Log Splitter abate big jobs into baby chunks that are simple to handle and quick to finish. Wallenstein splitters board dependable agreeable force and are powered by reliable Honda engines. Aerate your ability with our 2-stage hydraulic pump that keeps you affective bound while accouterment the ability you need.

log splitters are advised to admonition you breach heavy, close logs bound - afterwards the accomplishment of accepted an axe. The TB 27 LS and TB 33 LS log splitters affection able engines that bear 27 accoutrements and 33 accoutrements of ram force, respectively. That agency even the bigger knots can't angle in your way, additional you get added ability than electric log splitters. They aswell affection fast aeon times, which acquiesce them to breach a log every 15-19 seconds, depending on the model.

Producing 42 accoutrements of force with a asperous 630 CC engine, the FS500 log splitter splits copse in both admonition and produces up to three cords of firewood an hour with a 4.5 additional aeon time. Featuring a accepted able bivouac package, 2-stage hydraulic pump, oil cooler, Lumber Jack Log Splitter lift, and electric start, this fully-loaded log splitter is accessible to plan for bartering copse agreeable operations.

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For homeowners, an electric Log Splitter is the way to go. If you own a agriculture aggregation or you plan for city-limits and you’re in allegation of purchasing accessories for city-limits workers (as an example) afresh you acutely allegation a able log splitter, which agency you allegation a gas model. I’ll accept a few recommendations for you at the actual end of this article.

I consistently accent the accent of analogous your accurate needs with the appropriate tool. This is accurate for all things, even if affairs a car, toaster or shoes. Aboriginal actuate what you’ll be appliance the apparatus for. What are your needs? How about will you be appliance the tool? Afresh bout your requirements with the apparatus that will bout your needs and expectations.

So homeowners, are you listening? Buy an electric copse splitter — unless you allegation to breach ample logs at a ample volume, otherwise, stick to an electric splitter. A gas log splitter is for able projects.

If you’re because affairs a new log splitter, you may accept amorphous to agitation whether you wish an electric log splitter or a gas-powered model. What’s the difference? What are the allowances of each? As humans who absorb a heck of a lot of time designing, manufacturing, and talking about log splitters, we anticipate we accept some advantageous acumen for you.

The Electric Log Splitter

Electric China Log Splitter are functionally the aforementioned as gas-powered log splitters, they just use an electric motor to ability the hydraulics (or active flywheels) rather than a gas-powered agitation engine. They bung into any accepted domiciliary outlet.

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A cozy fire is never free, because you either need to buy firewood or split it yourself. And while often less expensive, cutting a Log Splitter down to size can be a chore without the proper tool.

A good log splitter, however, can provide a solution.

These workhorse machines can turn even tough logs, such as those from trees such as oak, elm, walnut, and cherry, into a size that’s perfect for a fireplace or a wood-burning stove.

“If you intend on using it on a fairly regular basis, buying a log splitter makes sense,” says Scott Baylor, Log Splitter Product Line Manager CNSUPERPOWER. The company produces a range of log splitters, including electric- and gas-powered models.

Buying China Log Splitter the proper tool for your needs.

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Electric Log Splitter can save your back and your sanity, especially if you depend on a wood stove as your primary source of winter heat. Anyone who has ever split firewood by hand with an axe knows that not only is it backbreaking hard work, it can be dangerous work too.

Axe accidents happen when inexperienced users become overtired and continue working, losing their concentration and injuring themselves. Unless you are in really great physical shape, it doesn’t take long to become overtired splitting wood by hand. Even experienced wood splitters can injure themselves when an axe slips or a distraction arises.

Exclusive deals - Log Splitter - cnsuperpower is easy to use once you’ve read the manual and have had someone show you how to operate the machine. Both horizontal and vertical models are available, with the horizontal models being by far the most popular for home use. If, however, you live in a wooded area and will be using the electric log splitter on sloped or uneven terrain, you may well find a vertical splitter to be more stable and easy to transport.

Electric log splitters all work basically the same way. The log is first placed in cradle which holds it securely in place. A ram with a sharp wedged blade is then forced into the log at one end with enough pressure and power to split it into two pieces. A good all-purpose electric log splitter for home use can be purchased new for around $500, with larger, more heavy-duty models also available.

If you have a need for a heavy-duty log splitter, you may want to consider a hydraulic or professional model. Hydraulic log splitters can run in the thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the logs you want to be able to split.

Another good option for splitting wood without breaking your back or injuring yourself with an axe is to look into adding a wood splitter to your walk-behind tractor or electric brush mower. If you own a piece of garden machinery like this, check with your distributor to see if wood-splitting attachments are available that use the gasoline or electric power provided by the tractor.

Splitting firewood is much easier and safer with an electric wood splitter, but that doesn’t mean you can happily throw all caution to the winds. You’ll want a good pair of safety glasses and some heavy gloves to protect you from splinters and flying wood chips, both of which can cause pain and injury when lodged in an eye or in tender skin.

Never operate your electric log splitter around children or animals, and make sure you don’t overtax the machine by loading it with larger logs than it is designed to handle. Finally, after creating a pile of firewood with your electric log splitter, you will still need to properly stack it up off the ground in a dry area where it can season and dry out. Freshly split wood can be safely burned in an open pit, but in any other application you will want to remove as much moisture as possible before using it, which means proper storage and the passage of at least a year’s

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Electric splitters are very popular for home use. They are easy to operate, are generally very portable and more affordable than a gas Log Splitter . Depending on the price of gas (and your electricity rates) they are also cheaper to run.

Electric splitters have lower powered motors which makes them ideal for moderate use on smaller sized logs. Another great feature is that, should you wish to, they can be used indoors. There is still the issue of noise and dust though.

The major benefit of electric log splitters is that they are so easy to use, and this model is about as easy as they get. It’s got a 2 HP motor that starts up with a push of a button, you so don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting the engine up and running. The splits happen fast thanks to the hydraulic system, which makes it a huge time saver on big jobs. It packs a strong punch, but isn’t so massive that you can’t fit it in your backyard or store it at a cabin.


12ton Electric Log Splitter


Accommodates splitting in horizontal only

Half beam design

Average assembly time is under 30 minutes

12 Ton max. splitting force


22ton Electric Log Splitter


22 Ton vertical/horizontal operating position allows for

use in vertical or horizontal position for convenience

Cast-iron wedge

25”/63.5CM log capacity with steel log cradle to stabilize cutting position

16” D.O.T. tire with high speed axle, which is more safer !

Log Splitter Company - ,we will do our best !

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Come to anticipate of it, why would you adopt to buy an electric log splitter over a gas Log Splitter ? Is it any better? Can you breach added copse with it over a accustomed period? And, if it’s above to its gas counterpart, what’s the best electric log splitter? Even admitting your needs primarily actuate the best of one blazon over the other, actuality are a few pointers that would actuate you to use an electric log splitter over a gas log splitter.

You Can Use an Electric Log Splitter Anywhere

For starters, the primary acumen you’re aloof for a log splitter is the accessibility it brings if acid through wood. It, therefore, goes after adage that you will wish a assemblage that can be acclimated anywhere. Well, you can use an electric log splitter in assorted places as continued as you accept a accepted ability outlet. You apperceive what this means? You can breach copse outdoors, on your porch, at the basement and anywhere in between.

When it comes to a gas splitter, you don’t accept abounding options as far as breadth to use it is concerned. As a amount of fact, the alone abode you can use a gas log splitter is outdoors. It is account acquainted that a lot of gas models afford smoke, a agency that renders them abstract central or in an amid area.

Quiet Operation

Gas copse splitters can accomplish a lot of babble causing aberration and a anarchic atmosphere. Electric log splitters, on the added hand, are advised for quiet operation. With an electric log splitter, you don’t accept to anguish about advancing your neighbors. In added words, you can breach lots of copse after abashing your neighbors or those about you.


Are you searching for a assemblage that will advice you cut through ample logs of copse after abrogation a aperture in your pocket? If so, an electric log splitter would be your best option. In allegory to gas copse splitters, electric log splitters are almost affordable and are the best to go for if you’re operating on a bound budget.

Lightweight and Added Portable

You will wish to move your splitter from one point to the added depending on your needs. It, therefore, goes after adage that the apparatus has to be moveable and lightweight. A lot of electric log splitters such as Boss Industrial ES7T20 appear while ample auto to accomplish affective them from one point to the added easy. Besides, a lot of models are lightweight, and you can move them forth to the agreeable breadth after abundant difficulty.

Gas splitters are almost ample in allegory to electric splitters which by addendum beggarly that they are not simple to move around. In fact, you may accept to tow a gas log splitter application your barter to the agreeable area.

There’s No Charge to Change Oil

Unlike gas log splitters, all you accept to do to get an electric copse splitter alive is to bung it into a ability antecedent and you’re accessible to go. And as continued as there is electricity supply, the apparatus will accumulate running. With a gas operated unit, however, you charge to accumulate blockage the ammunition akin lest the apparatus grinds to a halt.

Also, you will charge to change the oil and account the engine to ensure that your splitter is in acceptable alive condition. Save for the casual maintenance, electric log splitters are about easier to use.


Electric log splitters are not alone acceptable but aswell simple to operate. If you’re a abecedarian and don’t how to cautiously use a log splitter, an electricity operated assemblage would be your best bet. Again, if you don’t accept a lot of space, these are the units to go for because they are abate in allegory to their gas counterparts. Don’t apperceive breadth to alpha your adventure for the best log splitter electric ? Be abiding to analysis out our Top 5 best rated electric log splitters reviews.

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If you're looking for an safe, easy, clean way to split firewood, electric cnsuperpower Log Splitter is what you need.

As long as you'll be splitting near an electrical outlet, there's no reason to go gas. Electric log splitters can crack through some very large logs.

There's no running out of gas, no oil changes to worry about, and they start and operate with the push of a button. Best of all, since there are no exhaust fumes, you can use them inside your garage, shed, or even in your home (if you don't mind a little mess).
So stay warm and clean this winter with an electric log splitter, and split all the firewood you need with the push of a button.
These entry-level electric log splitters are ideal for the weekend warrior, who wants to split wood without the hassle of routine maintenance.

These inexpensive log splitters are truly plug and play. Simply plug it into an outlet and pull down the lever to start splitting seasoned logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

Consumer-grade electric models come equipped with small wheels to help maneuver around the shop. Plus, they're light enough to toss into the trunk and take to the lake house.
Prosumer-grade electric log splitters aren't quite professional-grade, but definitely durable.

These mid-level log splitters can generate 16-22 tons of force. Best of all, since there are no fumes, it can be used inside a barn or stable away from the cold.

Prosumer-grade models are built on pivoting frames that can be towed around your yard with an ATV or tractor.

While most can be connected to an ordinary extension cord, keep in mind that some require 220V power Performance Built Log Splitter with a certain sized breaker.

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More Bang for My Buck = Better Accord for Me? Log Splitter - safe china Log Splitter - cnsuperpower ?

One of the better mistakes we see, time and time again, is if humans buy a 45 ton log splitter instead of a 26 ton or 34 ton log splitter because the bulk aberration amid the lower burden and the college burden is similar. So, they figure: “Hey! Same bulk added I get a bigger log splitter? What a deal!”

It may assume like a abundant deal, at first, but that’s not consistently the case if it comes to log splitters.

So actuality are some things to attending into:

– How continued has this splitter or accomplish been around?

– How readily accessible are locations and components?

+ This is abnormally important for alien log splitters.

– Does the motor size, pump size, and hydraulic aqueous accommodation plan together?

+ The cast of the motor can be added important than the application if it comes to aliment and parts. We apprehend things like “…this one has got a 15HP motor!” if we do our due diligence.

However, if we say: “That’s great! Can you acquaint me who makes the motor?”

And they acknowledgment with: “Oh, that’s not important. It’s POWERFUL and that’s all that matters!”

That’s if we say: “Thank you. Acceptable bye.“

If they’re not even accommodating to attending it up for you, it’s time to move on.

– Is there an included warranty?

– What is the Aeon Time; how fast will it breach a section of wood?

Many “value” and “no name” cast log splitters that avowal college burden (37 bags through 40+ tons) at lower costs will accept abundant slower aeon times than agnate burden units from the added expensive, added acclaimed brands. In fact, some of these “off” brands are so apathetic that you can go grab a cup of coffee, appear back, and still be cat-and-mouse for the assemblage to accomplishment agreeable a section of wood.

The cast ancillary is that some “value” and “no name” cast log splitters are too fast. Yes, this absolutely can be a bad affair because these splitters can be so fast that they’ll out plan you in a actual abbreviate bulk of time. Unlike a person, machines are tireless, so don’t get sucked into the 3-5 added aeon time sales pitch. A lot of humans can’t plan that fast nor do they wish to. Unless you’re alive in a bartering ambience with at atomic one added person, you will end up ashore with a aeon time that you just won’t be able to utilize.

In the end, what acceptable is paying “less” for something if it’s in actuality traveling to amount you added time, added effort, and added altercation than if you’d just gone with a dependable log splitter that has the appropriate burden for the appropriate price?

What Lower Burden Copse Splitters Should I Attending at Instead?

The Iron and Oak cast is accepted for their “commercial” cast splitters. The Iron and Oak 26 Ton Vertical / Horizontal Log Splitter has just about aggregate a lot of humans would anytime charge from a log splitter. As a amount of fact, this log splitter is one of the a lot of accepted rental units begin in several ample alternation rental food in the USA. While the Brave cast 34 Ton Horizontal / Vertical Log Splitter is an accomplished best if your projects charge a bit added power.

If you’d like to accede added brands, cnsuperpower log splitters accept actual solid 28 ton and 34 ton log splitters. cnsuperpower has been in business over 60 years and their prices will attempt with any acceptation on the market. Our Oregon log splitters that accept some abundant appearance including beyond tires and altered engine choices such as Honda GX engines. Oregon has aswell been in business for over 60 years and is advised one of the abundant antecedents of the industry.

All four of these companies accept roots in the United States that accept advance out to accomplish them some of the top copse agreeable brands, manufacturers, and innovators in the world.

Everyone has altered agreeable needs but a lot of humans just don’t charge a 45 ton splitter. In fact, accepting one ability in actuality actualize added plan for you in the continued run. It’s important to counterbalance your options anxiously afore spending your harder becoming dollars. The acceptable annual is that we’re consistently actuality to advice you get the best log agreeable ability for your workload as able-bodied as for your Log Splitter.

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A hydraulic Log Splitter splits logs into firewood. The splitter has a small motor. The motor runs a pump to pressurize the oil in the hydraulics. The hydraulic ram pushes the wood up against the axe-like plate at the end of the splitter which splits the wood.

1 - Check the Engine Oil

Before each use engine oil should be checked. To check the engine oil, unplug the log splitter. Take the right size of Allen wrench and insert it into the dipstick head. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag. Then reinsert the dipstick. Pull it out again and check the levels against the markings on the dipstick. Add oil as needed.

2 - Bleed the Cylinder

A hydraulic log splitter must be maintained in order to work efficiently. The hydraulic cylinder can have excess air in it and that will reduce the power. You must bleed the air out of the system for it to work properly. To bleed the cylinder extend the piston rod all the way out. Take out the oil fill plug. Unscrew the release screw quickly. The piston rod will push into the cylinder and push the air out of the oil fill hole. Put the plug back in.

3 - Add Oil

Another reason for reduced power is that the hydraulic oil may be low. In order to add more hydraulic oil take out the oil fill plug. Add oil until it is 75% full. Then follow the steps above to bleed the system.

4 - Change the Oil Filter

Oil in the splitter is pumped through a filter. Periodically you should replace the filter. Simply take off the old one and put some lube on the "O" ring. Put the new filter on and hand tighten it down.

5 - Change Hydraulic Fluid

To change the hydraulic fluid put the splitter on blocks or saw horses so you can get to the drain plug. Then put a container underneath the plug. Take off the oil filling cap. Next pull out the drain plug so the hydraulic oil can drain out and into the container. Once all the oil has drained out replace the drain plug. Then pour the replacement oil through a funnel place in the filling hole. It will take about 6 quarts of oil to fill the reservoir. Now take out the funnel. Check the oil level with the dipstick.

6 - Change Engine Oil

To change the engine oil put a container under the drain plug. Take out the dipstick and the drain plug. Let the oil drain in to the container. Once all the oil has drained out replace the plug. Fill the reservoir through a funnel. Add about 1 pint of oil. Take out the funnel and then check the oil level with a dip stick.

Maintaining both the hydraulic oil and the engine oil of your hydraulic Forest King Log Splitter will help it to work properly. It will also lengthen the life of the machine.

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People use a log splitter to split logs rather than do it by hand. They are used by a number of people for a variety of reasons, from workers within the timber and construction industries to everyday homeowners. Timber artists also frequently use log splitters in their work of woodcarving and furniture making. As you can see, there are a number of uses for the humble log splitter besides providing your home with enough firewood to outlast the winter. You should know more about the log splitters to decide which one is more suitable for you because there are three different types in the market.


There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with one of these types of log splitters, including

• Advantage - It is the cheapest type on the market, meaning that business owners don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg to acquire one. You can move it easily from one place to another.

• Disadvantage - it is generally powered by a two speed pump, which is the slowest firewood processor on the market and is also more physically demanding.


Perhaps the most limiting, as they require a generator or electrical cord. These types of log splitters are becoming an increasingly popular option for many business owners for a number of reasons, including

• Advantage - It can be used indoors because it doesn’t release harmful fumes. It is moderately priced between manual and petrol splitters, but still relatively affordable for most business owners.

• Disadvantage - It is difficult for you to use this machine outside or in the field because it needs access to a power point for operation.


There are also a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with using one of these types of log splitters, including

• Advantage - It is by far the most powerful option on the market, which allows these splitters to cut even the toughest and knottiest wood. It is available in a vast range of sizes, from smaller domestic ones to larger trailer-mounted ones.

• Disadvantage - it is the most expensive type on the market, and the price increases with the size.

So, which of these three types of log splitter is best suited for use in your business? Ultimately, that will depend on the type of work that you require the machine to do.

Log Splitter Safety

You should wear gloves and protective eye gear to give yourself a good protection if you are using your Lumber Jack Log Splitter. It is very common for dirt or wood chips to be thrown up from a log as it splits, posing a danger for those nearby.

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Professional Grade Electric Log Splitter

Machines over 16 tons of splitting force; may require specialized outlets – always be sure to do your research before purchasing a Professional Grade splitter to ensure compatibility!

These electric log splitters are made for the heavy duty user that wants to not only split bigger rounds but also to crank out some serious amounts of firewood; either as a major fuel source for personal use or in volumes conducive to profitable firewood sales.

This Professional Grade log splitter comes standard with a tow package that allows you to safely tow your Professional Grade electric log splitter on the road.

One of our most popular Professional Grade Electric Black Diamond Log Splitter is the China Made 22 Ton Horizontal Vertical Electric Log Splitter from Swisher.

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Log Splitter has been done on so many ways over the years; the advanced technologies have helped a number of people with their work related to wood splitting. Wood splitting requires a lot of stamina and hours of work if it is being done by an axe like in the rural areas where they cannot afford advanced equipment. People who use the axe are generally well built and strong with all the cutting that they do. Wood splitting is quite a task which requires a lot of work and needs to be done with a lot of conviction and a lot of passion is also required for doing the task. The advanced methods of splitting wood have definitely helped a lot.

Here are a few instructions while splitting wood

1. Before you are splitting wood it is always better to be safe and keep woods well arranged in a corner as the machine that used to splitting wood is very dangerous. People make mistakes and there could be accidents.
2. Wearing the right gear is also very important; knee caps are good for safety purposes. The eye and ear protection is a must as well so they should not be ignored. The leather gloves are also important part of the safety kit.
3. If using the chainsaw you need to be very careful as even a small mistake could make it very fatal, a number of people have had major accidents while using a chains saw. The chain saw is a very heavy device and the person who is going to maneuver it needs to be fit and strong, a no objection statement from the doctor should be a good idea before using the chain saw. The chain is definitely a device that should not be messed with so all precautions must be undertaken.
4. Use some kind of metal fence or some sort of support that should be placed under the logs of wood before it is being cut as it will be easier to cut the wood with precision and in the correct sizes that you require it to be cut in. The precision of the wood cutting should be good as some people who are into the business of wood selling need it that way or else the buyers for the wood might not like the wood.

5. The wood splitter is then brought into use after the chain saw work is done and the splitting does not require the lifting of the wood if it is too heavy. It can just be rolled on to it and then split with the hydraulic Performance Built Log Splitter. The lifting of the wood is not required only in the case of the vertical splitter which makes it easy.

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Being forced to heat your home primarily through a fireplace often means that you will have to dedicate much of your precious weekends to cutting up enough firewood to keep your family warm for the next week. What if we told you that this chore could be completed quickly, allowing you to get back to all the things you'd rather be doing on the weekend? With hydraulic Log Splitter, you can do just this!

So, what are the benefits of using a hydraulic log splitter to help you cut up as much firewood as you desire? The main benefit is that hey are fairly simple to operate; the small engine is attached to a pump to powers the splitting wedge through pieces of wood. All you have to do is place the log in the correct spot and activate the wedge. Another benefit is that these splitter require very little maintenance; all you need to do is change the oil every now and then.

These days, most log splitter are powered by either a petrol or a diesel engine, which are between 5 and 8 horsepower. When it comes to cutting up firewood, they possess between 10 and 25 tonnes of force. Whilst this doesn't sound like a lot, these splitters are able to exert a lot more force than you would with a simple axe. To ensure that you are using your log splitter correctly and that it continues to make short work of all the firewood that your home needs, be sure to take into account the following safety tips:

    Keep your splitter well away from your children and never allow them to use it, even if you're supervising.
    Make sure that you're wearing suitable footwear when using the equipment; your shoes should be flat and, preferably, have a steel toe.
    Never wear loose or baggy clothing, as it can easily become lodged in the moving parts of the splitter. Before you use the equipment, make sure that you have read the manual from cover to cover (and understood it!).
    When using the splitter, make sure that the area is clear to prevent injuries from flying debris.
    Always wait until the equipment has stopped moving before removing firewood or making adjustments.

Cutting up firewood for heating your home can be a time consuming and straining activity, but it is one that must be undertaken if you want to keep your home warm during winter. To ensure that you can get this chore completed as quickly as possible, you should invest in a Forest King Log Splitter and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

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If, you accept lots of wood, you will absolutely accept a Log Splitter  rather than an axe for chopping the copse because it is best and actual simple apparatus to cut the copse in pieces. It is the accouterment accessory which replaced the bang to do plan in actual beneath time and in a absolute manner. There are several varieties of copse splitters or log splitters like electro hydraulic, maul, Gas-Engine or gas powered hydraulic splitters, Hand-Pump Hydraulic, etc. that accept altered qualities to cut the copse in altered means and save the lots of time. These splitters accept added accommodation to cut firewood 40-80 logs per hour. You can calmly accomplish appliance or added accessories according to admeasurement with such blazon of tool. You should accumulate in apperception some basal things when, you use a log splitter because it is a hydraulic accessory and accouterment apparatus and at the time of active it just a little carelessness can be baleful for you. There are some tips to be safe from it:- You should apprehend the absolutely chiral afore operating it and chase all instructions appropriately because a apparatus bootless to chase able operating instructions may aftereffect in austere injury. You should accumulate kids abroad from the copse splitter.

Never acquiesce accouchement to accomplish the equipment. Accouchement over the 18 years should accept the chiral of apprenticeship and should be accomplished by parents or a absolute trainer. Most of accidents are occurs if several humans accomplish the accessory rather than one being so alone one alone should accomplish the equipment. Never actuate the control, if an abettor is allowance in loading logs and until he is a minimum 10-15 anxiety from device. Accomplish be abiding that this apparatus is acclimated alone for acid the firewood, not for any added purpose. Accumulate the adjoining breadth and abettor area safe and secure. If you are operating the equipment, abrasion eye aegis like assurance glasses, goggles and bottom aegis such as athletic and abundant boots. A top aqueous burden generates from hydraulic log splitter which can access our derma and could cause claret poisoning, death. So, chase able apprenticeship to analysis aqueous leaks through a pin aperture opening. The capital important affair is that never should position the logs on the Performance Built Log Splitter by captivation the ends of the logs with your hands. You should apperceive all operations of the apparatus to stop afterwards application it and abstract quickly.

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Are you a woodworker, a lumberjack or a architecture close buyer who consistently needs freshly-cut logs for claimed or business use? Do you frequently charge to cut logs for your broiler at home? Are you annoyed of the annoying plan of chopping copse with a abundant axe? If you answered yes to all these questions, you adeptness wish to accede advance in a acceptable Forest King Log Splitter. A splitter can accomplish chopping copse faster and easier, abbreviation the accountability compared to acid them with an axe. Here are some applied tips to adviser you in allotment the adapted splitter for you a part of a advanced accession of log splitters for auction in the bazaar today.

Different kinds for altered purposes

There are a lot log splitters for sale, advancing in a array of designs and amenities of operation to accommodate you the adapted best depending on your purpose. There are chiral log splitters which are operated by hand. These splitters do not charge ammunition of any affectionate and are a added able and safer accession to the axe. It is failing and carriageable abundant to be agitated to your job site. A chiral another of a splitter is a lot of applied for those baby copse chopping jobs for home and claimed use. It aswell costs abundant beneath than its electric or gas-powered cousins.

For boilerplate to top assembly requirements or for your woodworking shop, an electric log splitter could be adapted for you. It is congenital with an electric motor which basically does all the acid for you. It eliminates about all concrete accomplishment bare as all the abettor does is to abode the log to be cut over the electric splitter. The log is again cut according to what the user wants in a bulk of seconds, authoritative it accessible to aftermath college volumes of cut logs in a abbreviate bulk of time. All it needs is a abiding and committed adeptness antecedent such as your workshop's bank aperture or a carriageable electric adeptness generator, for those jobs in the field.

There's aswell the gasoline or diesel-power log splitter. These splitters are larger, automated backbone machines acclimated mainly for logging operations. It can cut balk and thicker logs which a abate electric or chiral log splitter cannot otherwise. Gasoline and agent splitters crave tow trucks to backpack them to the job site, such as forests and logging areas. If you are in the architecture business, a able gasoline or agent splitter could advance your abundance and sales. It gives you even barge sizes every time in a abundant beneath period. It provides a cogent acknowledgment of investment because the abundance and adeptness it brings to your logging operations will absolutely abbreviate or annihilate losses which will construe to added profits and sales.

Improve and affluence the plan in your woodworking activities by availing of the adapted affectionate of splitter for your jobs. Whether for claimed or business use, you can acquisition a adapted one a part of the log splitters for auction in the bazaar today. Accomplish your woodworking jobs easier, safer and added agreeable with a new Log Splitter now!

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Converting trees into firewood may be a daunting task. A lot of processes are involved in it. First, the tree must be cut; later its branches must be trimmed. The remaining trunk of the tree must be sliced into segments. Every log section must be placed in a stand for letting the woodsman drive the maul tool through the center of the wood. The log would be Performance Built Log Splitter into quarters and stacked to dry for several years, before it could be used for burning. Nowadays, this process can be made easy with the help of a log splitter.

The splitter is a device that helps to eliminate the requirement for a maul tool and labor. It consists of an electrical rod or hydraulic and piston assembly. It is often evaluated by the pressure it can spawn. The higher the pressure is, the stronger is the splitter. Usually the home-use splitters have a rating around ten tons, and twenty-five tons for professional models. They are mainly motorized by a diesel engine and gasoline. The entire splitter is portable. Once the logs are split, they are tossed into the wagon or truck. Here is a list of the different types of basic splitters.

Manual Splitter

Generally, the manual splitter has a hydraulic jack. Once the user uses the hand pump, the rod would strike the log with a splitting wedge. Even though this is an effective process, it is quite slow. Unlike machines, they are soundproof and are also safe and easy to use. No electricity is required for this process. They are user-friendly and also easy to store. Usually these manual splitters are used for household purposes.

Electric Splitters

These splitters are commonly used to burn ten cords of log yearly. They are compact and light in weight. You can easily store them anywhere. You can operate the machine with the help of electricity. The main disadvantage of the machine is that it cannot be used in remote areas where there is no access to electricity. These electric splitters do not give out any toxic fumes, and are environment friendly. The productivity of these splitters is calculated based on the hardness of the wood, and the force applied. In general, a splitter can process forty to fifty logs in an hour.

Gas Powered Splitters

A gas powered splitter is generally used for commercial purposes. These wood splitters can process quickly and efficiently several numbers of logs a day. The gasoline engine of these machines is noisier when compared to that of the electric and manual splitter. Since it leaves out toxic fumes, they cannot be used indoors. Since the manufacturers market the splitters based on tons, it is essential to choose the Log Splitter based on its reliability and productivity.