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In this hyper-competitive era, it is believed that you can take the business forward by filling the sales funnel with qualified leads. However, generating leads isn’t an easy task to complete as it demands undivided attention and a lot of money. To skip all the unnecessary hassle, most of the organisations often decide to avail lead generation call centre services from reputed BPO firms.    

Well, it is true that lead generation process is difficult, but there are some techniques that can really help to fill the sales funnel such as direct mail marketing, SEO (search engine optimisation), etc.

Here, we are with the top 3 lead generation techniques that can really do wonders for business owners. So, have a look:

1.Strengthen your social media presence

If you are an owner of a business and willing to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads within a short time span, it is very crucial for you to strengthen your social media presence. It is so because most of the people search about the brand on social networking sites before taking the hiring decision.

When prospects don’t get positive vibes after visiting the business page on social media, they often drop the idea of buying products or services. This can affect the business’s productivity in a negative manner.   

In short, strong social media presence is vital for improving business growth. Here’re some suggestions that you should take into consideration:

  • Set a high-quality profile picture (related to business).
  • Enter vital information in the bio/description section so that prospects can learn about business in a much better way.
  • Make sure that all your posts (that are going to be shared) are enticing and related to business.

2.Create captivating write-ups  

Do you know which factor can help to increase the movement of leads in the sales funnel? ‘Captivating write-ups.’ This factor is prominent because potential customers generally search about products or services online before making a purchase decision.

Thus, it is significant to create blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc. that can educate prospects about products and services. It is imperative to note that posting content only on the company’s website isn’t enough to get the desired number of leads. For maximum leads, increasing content reach is essential. Here, guest blogging technique could be helpful.

3.Create engaging videos

When the talk is going over on the best lead generation techniques, forgetting the name of video marketing is almost impossible. This is so because video marketing increases the odds of generating qualified leads up to 33%. That’s the main reason why every reputed lead generation call centre considers product-explainer videos a tool that can help to fill the sales funnel.

If industry reports are to be trusted, 65% of netizens prefer videos over images and lengthy write-ups. This fact clearly tells how much it is significant to create engaging videos.

Henceforth, if you want to lay your hands on a pile of leads, create compelling product-explainer videos.

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