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We specialise in producing compelling cartoon animations for businesses which truly resonate with their audience. Our approach combines a deep fusion of strategic thinking and creativity so that the animations we produce engage, inspire and deliver the exceptional results.

Cartoon animation is created with traditional hand-drawn or computer-generated animation techniques. While animation can include any subject, style, or age group, the word “cartoon” usually describes colorful short pieces that are often intended to be humorous and to appeal to children. Cartoon animation has been used for this purpose since the dawn of animated film in the early 20th century. The term “cartoon” is also used to describe printed humorous drawings that appear in newspapers or periodicals. These, however, are more accurately called comic strips or gag panels.

Animation originated at the same time as motion picture photography. Both exist because of a function of the human eye and mind known as persistence of vision. This causes a rapid sequence of different images to be perceived as a single moving image by the observer. The first animated films appeared shortly after the debut of motion pictures in 1896. Cartoon animation followed soon after, pioneered by comic strip artist Winsor McKay with his groundbreaking cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur.

Use Cartoon Animation Studio for:

• Explainer Videos and Cartoon Animation explaining how your product or service works

 • Cartoon Animation for TV or Web Commercials

 • How it works Animated Videos for your website

 • Cartoon Mascots for your business and brand

 • Custom Cartoon Series for your Characters

 • Custom Illustrated Cartoon Characters to fit your business, website, or marketing material

 • Animated Training Videos

 • Any Custom Animation or Video to fit your needs

Ever wonder how we take sketches and turn things like cute animated cartoon animals into animated images that are full of life? Do you wonder how we make custom Animation from concept-to-completion?

Cartoon Animator Career Information

A cartoon animator creates graphic images for animated movies, television shows, video games and commercials. Animators create moving images through a series of pictures that change slowly over a sequence. Drawing skills are an important part of this field, particularly the ability to draw from life, rather than to simply draw an object accurately. Cartoon animators must have a strong grasp of what makes a picture visually appealing and understand the way people and objects interact with one another. This allows them to put their drawings together with storylines, soundtracks and special effects.

There are several specialties that make up a cartoon animation team. Generally, an entry-level cartoon animator works as an in-between animator, drawing the background and less important pieces of a scene. Animators work their way up the career ladder through various positions, such as character animator, lighting specialist, texture artist, compositor, lead animator and art director.

A bachelor’s degree in art, multimedia or animation is highly desired, but not required by employers. Postsecondary coursework includes classes in 2D animation, 3D animation, computer animation, traditional animation, game design, visual effects and more. Other courses, such as sculpting, staging, choreography, history, geography and life sciences, teach students to create an animated world with lifelike characters.

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