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  1. Advanced IT Marketing & PR 

The iShowcase Team creates and implement a custom marketing campaign that fits your company or individual talents to perfection.  This process does not happen overnight, but we assure that you will be thrilled with the outcome.  *Exposure, opportunity, and providing you a dominating online network presence will help increase sales dramatically.  (Call or Email iShowcase)

  1. Brand / Network / Media Solutions

From full service media productions and graphic design, to the purchasing of airtime on local, national, or worldwide platforms, no media task is too small or large for iShowcase. (Call or Email iShowcase)

  1. Custom/Dynamic Web Design: Includes proper code for optimum search-ability, networking tools, photo tools & merchandising to help increase fan base. Starting at $695 & up (Prices vary depending on complexity & code)

(Latest iShowcase Web example: PetrelMusic.com)

  1. Dedicated Web Hosting/Databasing $30per mo.

~ Why be on, and share a server with Millions of other web sites using the same.  iShowcase prides itself in knowing your web site is secure, 99.9% up and running with Alerts, and able to handle huge amounts of traffic.

  1. Talent Development - Just starting off, or need help with further development of your talent/career?  No matter what your experience, the iShowcase Team will professionally guide you to the next level!

  1. Live Events:  From small showcases and Networking Parties, to National Tours; iShowcase has the experience, skills and personnel to provide you a turn-key, worry free environment! (Call or Email iShowcase)