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Welcome to my blog! I am's been awhile.  School and working got very busy the past few months, but it feels great to be done.  Yes I said it, DONE! I have completed college..whew! <3 UCF =D

Well, back to the new year! What is your resolution? If you happened to make on that it.  I hope you did too and I hope there is 100% success.  So what have you decided to do? Lose weight? Learn guitar? Be a "nicer person"? Find that perfect job?

Every day I sit back and listen to people, in stores, at the car dealership, at church, etc.  People love to complain.  And I am one of them, so I am not judging.  Makes me think though.  Why complain? We all have the ability to make the right choice in life...everyday! So why not?

2013 here we come! Let's make a pact to hang in there this year! And this life! We got one so let's make the most of it.  We as humans have so much capability.  It may be limited, but I know we can do more than we think


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