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So, regardless if you have or have not heard of Alexa Brook, you will very soon! The new upcoming iShowcase artist has a new single out on iTunes.  She has also recently sang live on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando! Her angelic voice and sweet disposition is captivating!

I recently had the chance to ask Alexa questions about her music career and life in general.  Stay tuned for the article, soon to be featured on the iShowcase main homepage! For a preview of the artist, check out these links!


Alexa Brook's Twitter:


Alexa Brook’s Webpage:


YouTube Link, performance on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando:


iTunes Link to “Open Your Eyes”:

More to come asap...




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Welcome to my blog! I am's been awhile.  School and working got very busy the past few months, but it feels great to be done.  Yes I said it, DONE! I have completed college..whew! <3 UCF =D

Well, back to the new year! What is your resolution? If you happened to make on that it.  I hope you did too and I hope there is 100% success.  So what have you decided to do? Lose weight? Learn guitar? Be a "nicer person"? Find that perfect job?

Every day I sit back and listen to people, in stores, at the car dealership, at church, etc.  People love to complain.  And I am one of them, so I am not judging.  Makes me think though.  Why complain? We all have the ability to make the right choice in life...everyday! So why not?

2013 here we come! Let's make a pact to hang in there this year! And this life! We got one so let's make the most of it.  We as humans have so much capability.  It may be limited, but I know we can do more than we think


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Weddings. A time of joy. A time of sharing moments with family and friends.  A time of love. A time of well, stress! There I said that dreadful and overused “s” word! I personally have never been married, but attending weddings, a bridal expo, and watching countless shows on Bravo and TLC have added to my assumption that stress just comes along with the joyous happenings on that one special day! Never know where exactly to turn for advice? Think you need that perfect wedding planner? Maybe you watch different reality shows to gain tips for your day.  If you are still not in the clear as to how you want to go about your special day, I have an aid. If you have not had the opportunity to check out Wedding Perfection, I advise you to do so.  Think you do not have enough time to read in between ordering the perfect flowers and the tastiest vanilla cake? If you put off reading book, you will wish you have tuned in earlier!

I shouldn’t even refer to Wedding Perfection as a book.  Well, of course it IS a book, but it is more of guide.  And who doesn’t need a guide in life? (let alone on your wedding day) And not to worry, this is no guide that “tells” you what to do on your wedding with countless pages that seem to drag on. It’s the opposite.  You will not want to put the book down.  Innumerable advices will be shared and you will be able to pick that perfect wedding date based on what you are aiming for on your day! Whether you are still in the dating process hoping to be engaged soon, assisting a friend getting married, are engaged, or are even getting married in a month….pick up Wedding Perfection.  Like stated, even if you are getting married in the near future, this book can aid on last minute details.  There is no reason why the most special day of your life should be spoiled by “stress”…such a negative word!

 I am sure, like myself, you may not want to make that extra trip to the bookstore or you simply may not have one in close proximity to your living location.  Not to worry, Wedding Perfection can be found online too! I will be sharing those links below. Versions are available for reading on your Kindle, iPad, iTouch, and iPhone…and of course paperback =)  Take a gander. Consider buying the book because it will be worth not only your money, but your time savings…and not to mention the stress savings! (lol)  I know when I get to that point in my life, Wedding Perfection will be there to guide me.  So regardless if you are the one simply helping the bride and groom or you ARE the one stepping out and making that next big step in your relationship with your significant other, check out this book!

Book purchasing links:



Enjoy and stay tuned for more entries!

Happy wedding planning!


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It has been ten years since the festival began. Many of the films we have shown in recent years have demonstrated the potential for technology to allow people to connect  and share experiences. If you can, partake in the festival with films being shown in Winter Park and Downtown Orlando!

Director Ian Thomas Ash  will be in attendance at this year’s festival! Be sure to support him and his film “In the Grey Zone” Saturday 5-7pm and Sunday 3:30-5pm

Director Khaled Sayed of “Stories from Tahrir” will be in attendance at this year’s festival! You may remember his film “Egypt: The Story of the Revolution” from last year’s GPFF. Sure to be an amazing film! Saturday 6-7:30pm

Director Christopher Roberts of “Street Paper” will be attending this year’s #GPFF! See his film Saturday 1-2:30pm or Sunday 3-4:30pm along with the short “The Necklace” who’s director Clementine Leger will also be at the GPFF!


For more information, please check out the following link.  Tickets can be purchased throught the website and more information on the festival is offered.

For you Facebook lovers, like the page!

Fellow Tweeters, follow @PeaceFilmFest



Thank for the read! Tune in for more posts =D

Peace, hope, & love to all!


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I feel like It’s been awhile but I am back to writing! This time topic is: a movie! Which one precisely? None other than “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”.  Opening just yesterday, the film stars Steve Carell and Keira Knightley.  I enjoy watching the both of them on screen, so when my friends asked if I wanted to see this movie I did not hesitate to tag along. Unexpectedly the theatre only had about fifteen people.   We sat down just in time to watch a few previews only to see the beginning of the film momentarily.   That is all where my opinion started. The film started off on a negative foot, which I suppose went along with the theme of the movie.  I do not want to say too much about the movie since it was just released, I must add! 

With such an actor and actress in the film I went in with high expectations.  Paying $11 to see a movie pains me, but I looked passed that fact since I figured I would be in for a real “theatrical treat”- lol- The acting was fairly good and I laughed sporadically throughout the film.  The plot is where I was taken aback.  At times I loved where the “plan” was developing, but most of the time I felt it was, well I guess, random.  And maybe that was the point? I just felt the transitions and plot were not well written. I am not quite sure how to categorize it, but these are my feelings. 

Would I suggest seeing the movie? Not necessarily.  Would I ever see it again? Not if I had to pay for it. Will I ever see another movie with Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in it? Absolutely.  Normally I pass on going to the movies for this reason, rather utter disappointment.  I am not that picky with movies, but I have found in recent times to be let down.  The next movie on my “list of movies to see”: Brave! I also have yet to see The Avengers! Should I see either of those? Comments are welcome as always!

More to come soon!



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 When people said time would fly, I did not believe them.  I wrong! Attending the University of Central Florida has been an awesome experience! I would not trade it.  I am only 2 hours away from home, I can go to Universal on the weekends when I have free time, and the people are welcoming!  I am writing today to those of you who are unsure about college.  Knowledge is power! There are so many resources at your hands.  The library has an almost endless supply of books, the clubs you can join are excellent for networking, and the class choices range from Business Finance to Yoga! There are so many options and even more opportunities to grow and learn.

Not sure which college to attend? Worried you will not know anyone once you get there? Only want to go to a certain university because your friends decided on that one? Follow your heart and pick the choice that is right for YOU.  I suggest visiting the campus and taking a tour.  If you see students waking around, talk to them!  Ask them questions.  I decided on UCF because it wasn't too close to home and it wasn't too far.    My cousin also attended UCF, but I knew I wouldn't see her a lot considering she was a year older and had an established existence at the university by the time I got there.  So. going to UCF, I only knew about 7 people.  That doesn't mean I would hang out with them, let alone see them.

First semester was rough. I joined an academic fraternity my spring semester.  That was a great decision.  Sure the requirements are hard to keep up with at times and weekly meetings for countless hours gets to be tedious, but I do not regret it at all.  I currently live with three of my "Brothers" and I hold a position on the Executive Board, Historian.  I have learned how to network, time management, how to put on events for over thirty people, and most importanbtly how to deal with so many varying personalities! I must say joining an organization or club is a must! And do not worry about going to meetings alone.  After a while those people may turn into your best friend or roommate like in my situation! The wide choices of clubs, organizations, variety of classes at UCF, and established professionals at the university makes everything worth my time and money.

Thanks for reading and get out there and learn. Learning can be exceptionally fun! UCF has enabled me to further my future career in marketing offering internship programs and a wide range classes pertaining to my field of study.

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Eric Scott:  professional musician constantly working on new projects.  As a touring bassist and vocalist, the musician has performed throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States. He has even been given the opportunities to share the stage with big named artists such as James Brown, B.B. King, and Ray Charles, and Jimmy Buffett.  Scott has also released two solo records.  In 1999 “Divine Static” was released.  A few years later “Let’s Hear It For The Fools” was launched, which the Washington Post said "Whip smart...hard to resist...clearly the work of a pop artist talented and resourceful enough to stand on his own."

In 2007 a third release was made! This time the title read: “Red”. Scott said "this is the record I've always hoped to just took me awhile to get there. I feel like I've arrived at a place musically that feels like home to me." Clearly Scott is passionate about his work and continues to spread his musical thirst through the industry. In just a few weeks his fourth album drops: "Where The Water Runs Deepest"

May 22nd, 2012 at Rams Head On Stage will be the release party for Scott’s newest album. Eleven brand new tracks! Special guests for the evening include Jon Carroll and the Patty Reese Band. Showtime is 8pm. If in the Annapolis area check out the new CD release show Eric Scott defines his own brand of powerfully honest acoustic soul on his new CD release. Immediately after the release of "Where The Water Runs Deepest”.

In addition to completing four albums, Scott has also wrote original music for the indie film "Tracks" won 2 Wammies, attained best original song at the Long Island International Film Expo for the tune "Runnin", had his songs played on ABC and Showtime, and played all around the world! CBS Baltimore has been quoted saying Scott is" of the best singer-songwriters in the Baltimore area..."

Check out these links for more information!

In the words of Scott himself, “I just want to keep playing and growing musically. I hate feeling stagnant.” Stay tuned for more from the musical artist…With soothing tracks like “Lay It On The Cross” and “Take My Love”, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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Dick Clark, the beloved host of “American Bandstand,” died this past Wednesday after a heart attack in Santa Monica, California.  Clark was married three times. His first marriage was to Barbara Mallery in 1952.  The couple had one son, Richard.  They divorced in 1961. He married Loretta Martin in 1962; the couple had two children, Duane and Cindy.  Dick and Loretta divorced in 1971. His third marriage, in 1977 to Kari Wigton, lasted until his death.  Born November 30, 1929 also hosted the game show Pyramid and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.  Every year I looked forward to the Times Square's New Year's Eve celebration.   Belief in the youth of the country and a passion for music…he changed the way America listened and thought about music. 

From 1952 to 1987, Mr. Clark hosted various incarnations of “American Bandstand,” first over the radio in Philadelphia and later on national television. The program was a sensation because of the prominent role it gave teens allowing them to vote on their favorite song.

As host of American Bandstand the show gave many new music artists their first exposure to national audiences, including Ike and Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, and Simon & Garfunkel.  And how about Diana Ross?! His shows were among the first where black and white performers were on the same stage and the live audience seating was desegregated.  

Clark also served as chairman and chief executive officer of Dick Clark Productions.  In addition to doing so, he also founded the American Bandstand Diner.   This was a restaurant chain modeled after the Hard Rock Cafe. Beginning in 1973, he created and produced the annual American Music Awards show. 

 In 2004, Clark unfortunately suffered a massive stroke., returning to New Year's Rockin' Eve show on December 31, 2005/January 1, 2006, appearing at the Emmy Awards on August 27, 2006, and every New Year's Rockin' Eve show through the 2011/2012 show. April 18, 2012, the television host passed on.

Such a fulfilling life Dick Clark led.  American Idol and the Game Show Network are planning to air tributes to Clark over the next week.  With positive comments from all of his colleagues, Clark is truly a role model. 


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In June, after seven years of marriage, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez “split”.  Almost nine months after calling it quits, E! News confirms that Marc Anthony has filed for divorce from American Idol host, Jennifer Lopez, on Monday.  Anthony cited "irreconcilable differences." The duo married in 2004 and announced their split in July, but seem to have remained cordial. Everyone knows the first couple of questions after a divorce include money and kids. So, who will have custody? How will the money be split? Anthony has asked for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's 4-year-old twins ,Max and  Emme, and has also requested that the judge dismiss any spousal support for Lopez, if Jennifer would inquire about it. As of now, no court date has been set.

This past April, the two broadcasted plans for a television show together named "Q'Viva! The Chosen”. The show was to feature the couple as they traveled the world to find the best performers in Latin music. The show had no airdate and it is uncertain if it will endure.
Lopez has been quoted saying, "I really wanted this family to work. I believe in love...It's still my biggest dream." Since then, the singer, actress, and now designer has moved on. Lopez is now in her second season on American Idol and released an album titled "Love?" last year. Not only has Jennifer  moved on, but so has Marc. Marc started dating Shannon De Lima, a 24-year-old Venezuelan model as Jennifer is with her backup dancer, Casper Smart. 
I’d like to say this will be the last celebrity divorce, but only time will tell. I wish the two, including their adorable children, the best in their futures. More entertainment news to come, stay tuned!
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1:05 PM ET, April 11, 2012 Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan

This past weekend, Tampa Bay Rays united to win against right handed Mariano Rivera, pitcher for The Yankees. The Rays had quite a dramatic win this afternoon against The Tigers.  Rays manager Joe Maddon was quoted: "Say what you want about this team, but they play nine hard innings." This statement is prevalent to this afternoon’s game.  After not scoring for eight straight innings, four runs were made in the top of ninth by Tampa Bay.

Pitcher for The Tigers, Justin Verlander, permitted a run on a wild pitch.  Evan Longoria tied the game at 2-2 with a single to left on Verlander’s 104th and final pitch. The pitcher said he lost a little consistency and that was inexcusable, blaming the loss on himself.  “An ESPN sports analysts stated that Verlander is the best pitcher in the universe right now”.  Some of his pitches were “overthrown”, but overall he held his own.  Most pitchers live for a game played by the pitcher, even though he felt otherwise. Today was Verlander's first regular-season loss since July 15. The Rays are 4-1 for the first time in franchise history. 

The three game series is currently tied 1-1.  Tomorrow the teams will head once more in Detroit at 1:05 pm ET.  Smyly will be pitching for The Tigers, while Niemann will be doing so for The Rays. Stay tuned for more MLB updates!



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Spring/ Summer Fashion 2012! What is more fun than shopping for new clothes and accessories to top off a wardrobe? While gazing around H&M at The Florida Mall a few weeks ago, I thought to myself- “I wonder what will be trendy for the summer”! While looking around the store I found lovely sleeveless tops and adorable jeans.  The collections will be in store for oh so long, but what will be arranged on the racks a few weeks from the present?

When exploring forthcoming fashion trends, I came across an interesting style. The big color trend for the seasons is mint green! I found some lovely pieces utilizing the, what I found to be a, surprising color choice.  I have a feeling I will be purchasing come pieces in my near future.  The pastel hue is refreshing and unalike what I come across when perusing around various boutiques and stores.  Another fashion I am personally fond of is high-waisted flare pants.  Made so popular by Katharine Hepburn, while the look may not be the most flattering cut for all women, when paired with the right top and shoe choice the look comes together quite attractively. 

Stay tuned for some more tips and comment if you have any blog suggestions…happy fashion finding!  As always...Black and white styles seem to defy time.  The main theme this spring is somewhat tailored and classic.  Adding a touch of bold and edginess can go a long way though.  Sheer and lace is also in.  I must say I love lace… so feminine, so very ladylike!

Check out some of my discoveries!

This top comes in two colors, INCLUDING mint green =D!

I love the cut and the pockets on this pair!

Adorable lace top!



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April 6, 2012 3:10 PM ET at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Opening game for the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees in the MLB 2012 season.

Thirty year old Shields made his fourth opening day start of his career. Pena hit an early grand slam off Sabathi with Evan Longoria hitting a solo homer in the Rays third. Score remained 6-5 until the ninth inning. Pena then completed a ninth-inning comeback with an RBI single off Rivera.  As for the Yankees, A Rod went 2 for 3 with two walks.  He also scored two runs for New York. The Yankees had a total of 9 hits and six runs.  As for the Rays, twelve hits, seven runs, and one error committed by third baseman Longoria.  #56 Relief pitcher Fernando Rodney took the first win of the season, while Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera #42 took the loss.

The next meeting in the three game series will be played tonight at 7:10 at Tropicana Field.  Scheduled pitchers include Kuroda for New York and Price for Tampa Bay.  Which team will prevail? The two teams share a history including Price being 4-2 with a 4.10 ERA in 12 career starts against the Yankees.  Yankees Nick Swisher who is 10 for 22 with a home run and seven walks lifetime against the pitcher. Let's see if Price can lead the Rays to yet another victory in the series.  Tune in tomorrow to Sun Sports to view the game!



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Has anyone heard of Rock Demarco? I was recently introduced to his work this past Friday. What talent! He has been showcased on Good Morning America and has been coined as the "world's fastest speed painter"! Demarco is known for transforming a completely blank canvas into a masterpiece!  Not only has he appeared on GMA, but stations including FOX, CBS, CMT, and TNT. When on GMA a painting was completed in only five minutes and thirty seconds.  Who was the painting of? Diane Sawyer! Check out the video: 

Rock Demarco is based out of Winter Park, Florida.  He started his career as a child by creating graffiti on his parent's walls. What I find remarkable is his donations.   His work has sold for thousands of dollars, raising over a million dollars for charities such as The Make a Wish Foundation.  His gallery is beyond impressive.  Check out the link: 

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry... I know I am quite impressed and I will be "sharing" Rock Demarco with friends and family!


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I must say I have yet to read the books or see the movie, but the Hunger Games hype is in full gear! Pretty much all of my friends have seen the movie...oh ya, multiple times from the opening til Sunday! (seeing that The Hunger Games has only been out a little under a week this is impressive!) A few even waited in line over an hour waiting on a the Friday midnight screening.  Dedication? I think so! With the release being last Friday, March 23 IMDB already has 47,947 users rating the film as of today.  A total of 7.9 stars was given out of a possible 10. What are your thoughts? What rating would you give to the film?

As far as the stars: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth

Director: Gary Ross

The Hunger Games not only had racked in revenue from the movie and books, but also the soundtrack.   (with a debut at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart)  175,000 copies were sold in only its first  week!  The soundtrack is only the 16th soundtrack to debut at number 1 in the history of the Billboard 200 chart. Quite an accomplishment. So what is on this highly regarded soundtrack?  Some big names...

Taylor Swift has one track ("Eyes Open") She is also featured in a song with The Civil Wars ("Safe and Sound")

Kid Cudi- "The Ruler and The Killer"

Miranada Lambert- "Run Daddy Run"

Maroon Five- "Come Away To The Water (feat "Rozzi Crane)

For a complete list, check out this link to Amazon:

After reading up on the film and music, I feel like this is a must see movie! ...and of course I will read the books asap!


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How can I write about Peyton Manning and skip over Time Tebow? It simply cannot. Now on to Tim Tebow.  With just two years with The Denver Broncos, the quarterback will be heading to The New York Jets.  The possible Tebow trade came less than 24 hours after the Broncos exposed a new QB, Peyton Manning, at a press conference in Denver.

Now onto Tebow's contract: The contract is a $6.2 million salary advance. ($1.2 million already has been paid by Denver. The difference of $5 million is still advanced against his future salary, and that burden would shift to the Jets in a trade) 

Will Tebow be replacing Jets QB  Mark Sanchez?  Just wo weeks ago, New York gave Sanchez a three-year, $40.5 million contract extension. This past NFL season Sanchez had 26 touchdowns, 18 interceptions, and was sacked 39 times. (passing) I found a poll online asking readers whether Sanchez or Tebow should be the starting QB for the Jets.  Answers were almost equally divided.  The poll gave these results: 49% Sanchez 51% Tebow.   What are your thoughts?   

Think the Jets will pull through with Tebow? Please post any comments/ thoughts you have on the issue!

....Breaking news on ESPN explains the language of Tebow's contract possibly nullifying the "trade". The five million dollar payment brings up concerns. Other teams may have the opportunity to pick up Tebow.  The Rams have been interested.  Also, Jacksonville could possibly be a contender.  Fans would be drawn the the Jaguars seeing that Tebow was highly liked when he played the the Florida Gators.   Green Bay would only be interested if Tebow were released as a trade. 


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As promised after I covered Peyton Manning's tops choices as teams to further his NFL career with, I come writing about his final decision.  Manning has landed on the Broncos.  Here he comes Colorado!  Manning signed a five-year, $96 million contract with Denver.  The contract includes  a fully guaranteed $18 million salary for the next NFL season. His salary jumps to $20 million in 2013 and 2014. (with protections against neck problems...he will make $19 million in each of the final two years)

Speaking on his injuries, Peyton has been quoted saying "I have a lot of work to do in getting to where I want to be from a health standpoint and learning this offense. This is going to take a ton of work."  Will Manning lead his new team to a Super Bowl victory? Only time will tell! Last season the Broncos went 8-8...hopefully Manning will deliver and bring the team back to victorious triumph. 


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Peyton Manning's future?  At the age of 35 and after 14 years with The Indianapolis Colts, where will he end up in the coming season? Manning was a the first pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, picked up by the Colts. In his 2010 season, he managed 4,700 yards and 33 touchdowns.  (Career 54,828 and 399 TD)

Manning met with the Broncos, spending about six hours at their facility in Denver.  Manning also spent time on Sunday with The Cardinals. The Dolphins and The Titans are also contenders for picking up the QB. With the NFL free agency openeing yesterday at 4, Manning has his "final four" list of teams at hand.  It has been said that the Broncos are in his top two, but only time will tell.  

Any comments, suggestions, or predictions are welcome... Please post!



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San Antonio Spurs point guard announced retirement from the NBA this past Monday morning (injury to his back). In the 2003 NBA draft TJ Ford was draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was the eighth pick. Not only did Ford stay on with the Bucks, but  he also played for the Raptors and the Pacers.  Ford's NBA career was cut short.

A few years back, Knicks’ Player Davis elbowed Ford in the back knocking him to the floor. After not moving for several minutes he was helped off the court.  Another injury occured when Ford was just 55 games into his rookie season. A collision with Minnesota Timberwolves forward Mark Madsen changed his career. He landed hard on his tailbone, slamming to the ground. This time he was carried off the court on a stretcher. Ford then underwent surgery and missed the entire following NBA season. He returned to the Bucks in 2005 then to be traded to Toronto the following year. Even though Ford was only with the Spurs for 14 games, he felt the "risk" was no longer worth it.

Even though his career was cut short,  being only 28, Ford played in 429 games. During those games he averaged 11.2 points, 5.8 assists, and a little over 3 rebounds. Impressive.  Ford has been quoted saying "While this was a tough decision to make, it is what is best for me and my family at this time." ( I wish him the best! 




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It's that time of year again basketball lovers... Here comes March Madness! Tuesday March 13 to April 2.  The final four will be taking place in New Orleans, LA. at the Louisiana Superdome. Last year the finals were held in Texas, Connecticut triumphed over Butler 53-41.  In 2010 Duke overcame Bulter in a very close game. Duke won 61-59. That game was held in Indianapolis.

Some statistics:

Kentucky #1 with a record of 30-1 and 1,623 points  (as of March 5, 2012)...Kentucky did suffer a loss this past Sunday. Vanderbilt (record: 24-10) beat Kentucky 71-64 yesterday. 

Reggie Hamilton (Oakland) currently holds the highest average points per game...25.7 PPG

Leader for Rebounds per game? O.D. Anosike (Siena) with 12.5 RPG

Any predictions? Check out the website below for greater details:

More to come! Stay tuned...


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Anyone follow NFL football? If you watch ESPN you are sure to heve heard about the scandal the New Orleans Saints have brought upon themselves. This talked about scandal involves the football team paying players for "taking out the other team", hurting the offensive during NFL games.   The "bounty system" was administered by Gregg Williams, former defensive coordinator for the Saints and current defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams.  It involved 22 to 27 players according to the NFL investigation revealed this past week. 

How is the NFL going to handle this situation? The Saints’ bounty system was carried out from 2009 to 2011. Also occuring at a time when the NFL was stressing the importance of player safety. Of course there is the concern about players safety!  Deliberately trying to "take out players" and cause harm for money is the underlying issue at hand.  The fact that a coach would pay his players to do such a thing is beyond me.  Football is already plenty a dangerous sport withought adding in the fact of inducing monetary incentives. Brett Favre has been quoting saying that it's football", showing no concern for what the team has been up to.  What are your thoughts on this hot topic? Please post!


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My dad has been raving about some golf movie that aired on The Golf Channel some day.  We heard about the movie for weeks!  When I say weeks, I mean weeks! And when I saw he raved about it it, he surely raved about it! For Spring Break I got the change to finally come home to visit my family for the weekend.  During a walk, my dad once again started talking about the movie.  He then came up with the idea of watching it later on that night since it was still on the DVR. I jumped on the opportunity! Last night I finally got the chance to watch it with him. 

I can now relate to this loving of the movie.  What a story line, a true story at that!  I love "true stories" so this movie definitely touched me.  A little background of the movie: The Greatest Game Ever Played is a golf drama based on the true story of the 1913 US Open. Twenty year old Francis Ouimet came out on top! Even more fascinating is the young amateur defeated his idol as a child. His love of golf began early as a child, growing up near a gold course and caddying for golfers at the club.  Francis' father was not supportive of the wishes he had, but his mother had quite the opposite attitude.  In the end everything turned out for the best. 

Shia LaBeouf stars as Francis Ouimet.  In my opinion he did a fantastic job starring in the movie.  He was a very likeable character and had a lot of class.  My favorite character in the whole movie was little ten ear old Eddie.  It turns out Eddie was the caddy for Francis after his previous caddy was "bought" by another wealthy golfer. Eddie's comments and sly remarks were hilarious coming from the adorable little boy. 

Overall this is a great movie.  I reccommend it to anyone...  I appreciated the movie, being a 22 year old girl.  My mom loved it, my dad obviously loved it, my brother and his girlfriend enjoyed it! It is funny.  It has drama.  It has class.  I love the diversity it brought! What a positive, nice family movie of determination through hardships! Check it out and let me know what you think!


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Davy Jones, lead singer of “The Monkees”, died from a heart attack on Feb. 29, 2012 in Stuart, Florida. Jones was only 66.  He leaves behind a wife and four daughters.

Jones was born in England and started acting as a child. He had a much fulfilled life including appearing in the cast of Oliver.  Jones was also on same episode of The Ed Sullivan Show where the Beatles made their debut! Next came his career with “The Monkees”. (A television show about a rock band…inspired by The Beatles)  Peter, Davy, Michael, and Mickey! That was the crew!   Ratings of the program skyrocketed.  58  half-hour programs were produced over a year and a half.  The show even won two Emmy awards in 1967.  What an accomplishment!

A couple of the bands singles include "Last Train to Clarksville” and the famous "I'm a Believer….I loveeeee that song =D  Jones even starred in an episode of The Brady Bunch. In the episode, he performed his solo single, “Girl." I have personally seen this episode on multiple occasions. It is one of my favorite episodes! Probably because my mm loves it considering ahe had a crush on him when she was younger and I find thosestories amusing!  

For more information on the singer check out the website posted below for more on Davy Jones and “The Monkees”!

Let the music live on!


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Orlando, FL. Sunday February 26, 2012.

What could possibly be taking place on this day? Another awards show? A football game? Can't be! (Super Bowl was a couple of weeks ago)

Answer: NBA All Star Game!

Last year the game was held in Las Angeles and the West took the "title" as the winners.  Kobe Bryant being the MVP. In 2010 the location was Dallas, D Wade was granted MVP status.  The East beat the West by 2 points. Who will take the cake this year?

Get excited Orlando! Get excited NBA fans! Coverage of the big game begins at 6 PM ET. Tune in to see the best of the best battle.  Big names will be playing: Carmelo Anthony (NY), LeBron James (Miami), Dwight Howard (Orlando), Steve Nash (Phoenix), just to name a few! The coaches for the game consist of Tom Thibodeau (Chicago) for the East and Scott Brooks (Oklahoma City) for the West. 

Check out the link below for more details on the game:

Stayed tuned for more coverage! And if you haven't checked out the article on the main page of so!


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My love. My life. My all. Sounds like I am speaking on the "love of my life" a way I am! And that love is- Music =)Whether I am having a bad day, a good day, or just an average day in the "life of me: A 22 year old college student", music brings joy to my life. It inspires me. It encourages me.  It can bring me down, but has the distinct power to bring me up in a matter of seconds. I am known for saying "this is my favorite song"...I must agree, I do enjoy many songs! I probably do say that phrase too much, but overuse in that sense is a good thing in my opinion!

Do you have that feel when you hear a song and you can tell if you like the song right way?! I constantly get that feeling. Kelly Clarkson's new song, "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You") did that to me.  I heard it a few times and loved it. It is such a catchy song.  "Catchy" seems to be a way many people describe songs, but this son to me is much more than "catchy".  It is inspiring.  Her voice is perfection.  The beginning of the song grabs my attention.  When I know the end is coming, I want to click "replay"! I will post the link below.  Let me know your thoughts on the song! I saw her in concert once before and her voice "live" is gorgeous.  Her tone and control is absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately I started watching American Idol the year after she won, but I have such an amazing respect for her as an artist and as a person.  I cannot wait to see what her futures holds! Oh and did I forget to mention the song is #1 on the Billboard's top 100 list!!! woo woo =)

Another song I am loving at the moment is "The Motto" by Drake.  I(Currently #19 on top 100) used to love Drake. I got a little "sick" of his music.  Then, I heard this song on the radio.  For some reason I didn't realize Drake sang this song.  When I found out it was him, I thought positively about his music again.  The lyrics are "interesting", but the song is (here that word goes again) catchy! Ahhh I said it again! But so true, it is catchy.  I am going to post the "clean" version of the song.  A couple of other songs I like by this artist include, "Best I Ever Had" and "Find Your Love".

One more song I want to share is Beyonce's "Love On Top"! I first heard this song in a store at the mall.  My one friend immediately started singing this song.  I asked her who sang is and what the name was! I NEEDED to download this song! Now I can't stop listening to it.  My mood instantly changes to a positive one.  If I am already in a good mood, I continue to be happy =) I may even start dancing or moving back and forth...actually I do that, there is no "maybe about it" haha Check out the link and I hope the song has the same effect on you!

I hope you enjoyed my sharing of songs! More on music to come! Happy Tuesday!!!


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Whitney Houston: A Muscial Legend

Houston is the only artist to chart seven consecutive No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hits. Awards include 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and 22 American Music Awards. She began singing with her New Jersey church's gospel choir at ripe age of 11. In addition to singing, Houston also had an acting career. Houston’s first acting role was as the star of the feature film The Bodyguard (1992). Whitney Houston. The legend passed away this past Saturday.  She is famously known for her musical and acting career. A few of her famous films include The Body Guard, Waiting to Exhale, and Cinderella.

 I love her music...It is inspiring, moving, and very pleasing to the ear. A few of the songs I absolutely love are:

"I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

"I Will Always Love You"

"Saving all My Love"

"I Have Nothing"

On February 11, 2012, Houston was found dead in Beverly Hills, California, of causes not immediately known. News of her death came the day before the 2012 Grammy Awards.  Jennifer Hudson did a beautiful performance singing “I Will Always Love You” at the award show.  Houston’s funeral will be held this Saturday in New Jersey.  Actor Kevin Costner, who also starred  "The Bodyguard," will speak, and singers Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin  (Houston's godmother) will be performing.

Houston has blessed us with classics.  She may be “physically gone”, but she will most definitely not be forgotten.  Her life lives on.  I wish her family, especially her daughter, comfort and love.

Thank you for reading.  Please post any comments you may have.


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