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After graduation, find a job in Zhengzhou, wages are not high, subsistence, and live in the suburbs, to the city a far two block, so even if the weekend is often nest in the house, although occasionally there are friends to greet, but considering the cash strapped, cheap nike dunks also is to push and push. At the end of the year, friends come back from the south about we get together, although is happy to be at that time, when wages are in embarrassment, and feel more than a year muddy life, really embarrassed, disgraced, so they say it's going to snow today, very convenient to downtown. But friends seem to have read my mind, that is the company will drew a catering giant network nationwide coupons, not white do not, I just promised to stutter.

To imagine is not the same, nike dunks hight top shoes even if you don't think this talk will cry on each other's shoulder, at least with a recall, some who know the party we have all kinds of flat and uninteresting, difficulties, but for men of the so-called self-esteem, and are unwilling to give up easily, but to all bottles with their own. This is about a thing happened last year at this time, not a story, I can only try to describe it as far as possible with memory.

Has left nearly ten points, outdoor has begun trickling rain and snow, because live relatively remote, so to take the subway to the station, then take a night bus, the subway, the snow has been falling heavily, a vast expanse of snow reflects the orange street lights drifting profusely and disorderly shines down, very good-looking, the winter night with a warm, but this does not seem to have the mood to enjoy this luxury beauty.

The starting point of a night bus station was standing with some people, from time to time toward the bus to the direction around and pulled out a mobile phone to see, cheap moncler jackets they may be just to work overtime, it may be just the end of the party, some with an umbrella, some wearing a hat, and the like than the one next to me without any protective measures, to drench the snow, do not see enjoyable or numb.

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