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 “It’s the perfect Miami night,” Ingrid tells us about her summertime soirees. She’s usually rocking her “uniform" —a leggings/print top combo that conceals any spills that end up on her outfit instead of her guests’ plates. I caught up with the Latina chef to chat Marni, Missoni and making life as delicious as possible.

Nothing makes us feel like royalty quite like a face mask made of gold – or so the Japanese say. This luxurious treatment involves applying thin sheets of 24k gold to the face with moisturizer. The Cleopatra-inspired pampering reportedly softens, tightens, and rejuvenates aging skin immediately. Although we love the idea of being smothered in gold, testimonials seem to be limited and, needless to say, the treatment will surely empty out your wallet in no time.

For the first twenty or so looks at Reem Acra, we thought shed gone and changed her stripes. Shes been dipping her toe in the younger market for the past few seasons, most notably in resort, but her strength has always been in eveningwear. A series of underwhelming casual looks opened the show, most featuring cut-outs and leather, but as the show ran on and moved towards cocktail hour it grew stronger with every look.

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