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im a music producer, a hip-hop
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courtland virginia
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Marcus Boyd Press kit

After selling out of his first two independent releases with minimal distribution and promotion, Marcus Boyd (Game Face) is looking to seriously expand his product to the extensive fan base that is deserved since he emerged with his rapid fire flow and technical rhyme structure on his 2010 debut LP: Lyrics Inside My Head.

With a full plate of releases and touring for the upcoming year and, now, with two solid critically acclaimed independent releases under his belt 2010 looks to be a promising year for one of Virginias most remarkable lyricists.

As an MC first and foremost Gameface who, according to Exclaim Magazine "reveals the most potential of this newest generation of Virginia rappers", currently resides in the Rising City of Courtland Virgina, where he holds it down with his Solid Ground Music Group family which has proven to be the most active independent label/production company in what's been dubbed as one of Virginias most overlooked city.

Raised on Atlanta GA, far east side in Decatur Georgia, where he picked up free styling in ciphers at school and began writing songs to his favorite beats of the day namely Biggie Smalls, Common, Organized Konfusion, Boot Camp Click, Juice Crew and Souls Of Mischief. At the Age of 16 he relocated to Atlanta ga, where he stayed for three years, entered and won a few mc battles and hooked up with local producers and mc's which led to recording his first mix tapes and performing his first couple of sets.

No real moves were made, however, until 2000 when Gameface relocated to Los Angeles CA, where he became an integral part of their close knit budding hip hop scene. In a two year period he held it down performing at hundreds of shows, co-hosting and programming the local University's top rated radio show, he dropped Los Angeles best officially pressed and distributed hip hop album to date(2003) Weirdo Music From my list not yours, and won numerous mc battles in Los Angeles and several other Western California cities.
With a barrage of positive feedback by way of magazine and website reviews and college radio play in Los Angeles , and a handful of American cities Gameface finally got the opportunity to perform across the state and network with fellow mc's, producers and general hip hop heads who shared the same vision. By 2004 it was time to move on to greener pastures, which in this case was only 7 days away back down south in Atlanta GA which also happened to be, not only home to one of Georgia highest producing rap scenes but also to fellow ambitious mc and mentor Luda Chris who'd been busy putting out his own albums and putting on Atlanta most successful rap shows.

Shortly after moving to Atlanta, Gameface started work on his production company with is now called Solid Ground Music Group. Marcus wanted to make Solid Ground Music a house whole name while working with producers and putting MC's to the roster. Within their three years of existence, Solid Ground Music has managed to remain the only consistently active crew in the Decatur rap community. They've put on practically a lot of successful hip hop shows in the city of Decatur saw since 2004. Marcus has been blessed with the chance to produce New York Legendary rappers like Sadat x and Craig g, and West Virginia own h-boggie.

In 2006 he saw the first official releases on Solid Ground Music Gameface , Tha Regiementz and Game Face Mix tape , Bag- The Void Filler Collection which sold out of it's initial print in less than 2 months.

Gaining comparisons to Chicago rapper Common due to his lyrical and most times story teller flows, Game Face as described by Exclaim Magazine, "lyrically covers a lot of ground, speaking candidly about politics, society and himself, as well as taking time to drop some battle raps and abstract rhymes. Most impressive is his rare ability to make it all work on one album." That's something he intends on re-achieving as a far more polished rhymes linger in 2010 with a new solo LP and side projects with Solid Ground Music label mates as well as projects with likeminded New York Indy label Orama Records and the Tha Regiementz album which is a super group effort consisting of himself, S.B. Tha B-boy, From 10 World Enterprise and their West Virginia counterparts. Also dropping in late 2010 or early 2011 is S.B. Tha B-boy Classic", a album featuring the best of the many collaborative efforts between himself, during his time in Charleston West Virginia it also features 15 new tracks from the 4 former beats.

Collaborations being nothing new to Gameface in 2006 he was featured on three tracks on H-boogies New Man Here as well as occupying the only guest spot on Grubbs' debut LP Plague City released on Real Tight Records. All the while, dropping his second LP. and with production from some of the country's finest including DJ Moves(Decatur), DJ Kutdown(West Virginia Real Tight Records), P Nut(West Virginia Dead Indians), and DJ Zach(Decatur DDR). With 2010 just underway, Game face already got a guest mc credits, and he's had solo tracks on two West Virginia hip hop compilations out of Calgary: Dirty Sample- The Belvedere Sessions and Melton’s compilation.

A seasoned veteran when it comes to performing, Gameface continues to wow crowds with his raw energy and razor sharp tongue that commands attention consistently gains positive reactions everywhere he ventures. He's toured West Virginia to welcoming receptions and even ventured to other States to rock shows on a couple of occasions. All the while never passing up opportunities.

Gameface is the complete package, a rapper and a producer without ever falling into a cliché style. Gamface is talented with a style that's forever expanding making it impossible to label. With an arsenal of material and ambition and a fan base expanding on a constant basis, success seems inevitable for this polished lyricist despite the cons of being an independent hip hop artist in Virginia.

Moves that Factor- 2008
Game Face - The Void Filler Collection- 2006
Game Face ....The Yes Men- 2004
Game Face- Weirdo Music For Elitist Aliens- 2003

H-boogie- Afterbirth- 2008- Real Tight Records(1 track)
H-boogie - Only Death Can Kill You- 2007- Real Tight Records(1track)
Big Black- 2006(3 tracks)
Grubbs- Plague City- 2006- Fool Town Records(1 track)
Know Talent- Yesterday's Lessons Tomorrow(1 track)
Dirty Sample Compilation- The Rapping Sessions- 2007(1 track)
Melton- Chop lifter Compilation- 2008(1 track)
Hand Solo Records Mix tape- 2008(1 track)

Game Face ....The Yes Men- 2004( 2 tracks)
Game Face- Weirdo Music For Elitist Aliens- 2003(14 track)

Coming up:
The NWO- Cowboys and Indians- 2010
Indy Wars- Fool Town Records- 2010
Game Face and DJ Kooldown- LP- 2010
Webster Death- Shine- 2010(1 track)
RDS- Compilation CD- 2010(1 track)
Why this name?
It was given to me because I never really smile I always have my Gameface on and ready to work.
Do you play live?
Yes. all the time. Been on local tours and done tons of shows locally and in different states. Get at me to rock in your city.
Your influences?
I'm stuck in a time warp, there's way too many to list but on the daily you can catch me bumping sh*** like Big L, Souls Of Mischief, Nas, Pharaoh Monch, MF Doom, KRS One, Masta Ace, OC, A Tribe Called Quest, Heltah SKeltah, Black Moon, all of Wu Tang, Outkast, Juggaknots, Spice One, Kool G Rap, Common, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Saafir, Aceyalone, Living Legends, Kool Keith, all of Hieroglyphics, Project Bowed, Organized Konfusion, The Pharcyde, Gang Starr, Big Daddy Kane, Company Flow, Camp Lo, Slick Rick, Boot Camp Click, Rakim, and hundreds of others. Some post 98 rappers i'm feeling included Emotionz, Tonedeff, Qwel, Immortal Technique, Non Phixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Wordsworth, Shape shifters, Oldominion, Sole 2mex, Non Prophets, CVE, Cage, Spitball Crew, P.U.T.S., Jay Dilla, Hanger 18, Cannibal Ox, Murs, C Rayz Wallz, Necro, Benefit, Thirston Howl III, Jay Zone, Brooklyn Academy, Black Starr, Artifacts, Blacks

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