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Players will have to completely customize their shirts, the colors, the more names to the new city that move. We are excited to see the different designs and looks that our players create.

We will have challenges coaches in the game this year?

Hey Joey. There will be no challenges coaches in the game, but it is something that we will see forward movement. To successfully the challenges of the car as a feature, we essentially need to make 'wrong' or 'losing' calls that fans would then need to recognize. We need to get more feedback from fans about this before you add it.

You have improved Be a GM this year? I feel the gameplay has not seen significant improvements in several installments Cheap NHL 17 Coins.

This year we added a lot of franchise mode with the inclusion of unique team owners and the ability to control the finances. You can change the ticket prices, budget, execute Arena / repairs updates, set of marketing promotions, and reposition your franchise. We have also added own objectives that are based on the personality of your own that makes each team feel different.

There will be some increases or stat unlockable equipment for playback on EASHL? The ranking system was not enough to keep me playing.

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