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 British makeup artist and P&G beauty creative design director, Pat McGrath, is already a legend in the high fashion world of makeup at 40 years old. She is one of the most in-demand artists in the world and her work is regularly featured in Vogue, W, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar and countless other glossies.

The mass of followers that comes with an Ann Demeulemeester show is expected. A legion of models draped in black is expected. Also in the mix were lace-up leggings, semi-sheer long sleeved dresses, very revealing one-piece leotards, a slew of knits that looked like they were fashioned to mimic gym socks, mesh dresses and tops, bra tops, outerwear mimicking a basketball, white corset tops and prints included psychedelic geometric ones, grotesque oversized ggdb shoes sale cartoon characters and even a Band-Aid theme. It all made for a collection that was a bit too East Village Halloween parade.

How to get rid of it: Shower right after exercising and carry wipes or pads containing salicylic acid to use on your back during the day.Crater-Like Pits on the Soles of Your FeetWhy you have it: This is called pitted keratolysis. It is caused by a bacteria called Kytococcus sedentarius. 

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