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Hach, spring! The perfect time to reboot. When the sun shines longer, the temperatures rise and the first flowers bloom, there is a special atmosphere in the air. And that brings a lot of motivation with it - even for the unpleasant things of life. Such as cleaning up and cleaning. 
The classic spring cleaning was always meant for your own four walls. Once a large plaster, maybe a new coat of paint, other curtains or fresh flowers - the apartment shines in a new light .
Exactly this effect we would also like for our soul. Because sometimes it looks even more chaotic than some corner of the room. That's why it's time to make a spring cleaning for the soul. Come here ...
The thought of your ex-boyfriend makes you really angry? balklänningar, How your boss treated you in the last few months was anything but fair? Granted, everyone feels these negative feelings and thoughts once. It will only be bad for your soul if you can not let go of this grudge.
As well as anger, resentment and anger, grief or regret can burden your soul. If even a warthog and a meerkat can let go of the past, we can do it, right? So, "Hakuna Matata": worries from the past are no longer of interest to us. We focus on the present and the future. Because we can still change something! Which brings us directly to point 3 ...  
Let's face it, confrontations are not exactly fun! Be it a quarrel with the friend , an argument with the BFF or a clarifying conversation with the boss. These are all rather unpleasant situations. Sometimes we have to go through it! Only then will we be able to resolve existing conflicts and launch them into the spring like liberated.