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With all the talk about FIFA 18 (and PES) it’s easy to forget there were loads Fifa 18 Player Auction coins of other brilliant games released in the last few weeks.
Thankfully, we’ve picked out the best of the best so you know exactly where to focus your attention next.
Racing fans will be spoilt for choice… there are three brilliant racers on the market right now.
Project Cars 2
You no doubt enjoyed 2015’s Project Cars, but the sequel ramps it up a notch.
There are now more tracks - 46 in total, a majority of which have been laser scanned for pin-point accuracy.
Not only that, but cars are almost photo-realistic thanks to the brilliant Madness engine - which, amazingly, powered 2009’s Need for Speed: Shift.
There’s even a brilliant photo mode allowing you to capture every little detail.
The real ace in Project Cars’ sleeve, though, is dynamic weather. In fact , Bandai Namco’s masterpiece could well boast the most realistic weather system ever created in a game.
Project Cars two looks stunning within motion and will look best on Ps4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC
Such is the complexity of the coding, you’ll see storm clouds gather in the distance before rain starts falling on the track.
Puddles form in the dips of the terrain and water streams off the saturated grass on to the asphalt providing an ever-evolving track.
The simulation even includes time and seasons, meaning that sunrise and sunset changes depending on what track you’re at and what the season is.
Multiplayer wise, online mode has been refined to better cate for esports. This includes an online ranking system, on the internet championships, and better functionality in matchmaking.
Add to the mix full VR support, not to mention triple-monitor cheap fut 18 coins displays (for hardcore PC gamers) and you’ve got an incredible racing package.
Just make sure you’ve obtained a steering wheel as well as race seat you can get the full simulation experience.
After years of delays Cuphead is actually finally here… and also it’s a work of art, quite literally.
That’s because the creators, StudioMDHR Entertainment, painstakingly drew each background and animation by hand.
The result is a game that’s as pretty as a picture, with charming 1930’s style cartoon graphics harking back to the golden age of animation.
Plot follows the lovable Cuphead and his brother Mugman, who - after making a deal with the Devil, are tasked with travelling around Inkwell Isle to collect their souls.
But don’t let its childish looks fool you. Cuphead’s a pretty violent video game - with an emphasis on running and gunning.
Along the way, you’ll bump into bosses, which take a phenomenal amount of damage.
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