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Watch the size of the dial can give people a different feeling, rough big dial personality, exquisite small dial highlights elegance. Many newcomers to the watch when shopping, it is inevitable that hesitate in the dial size

Choose what kind of watch size and personal style and taste. If you want to make you younger or look dynamic, larger sizes often seem more appropriate. In addition, if you are well-dressed or more conservative, then medium-sized watches can be given priority.

Men are advised not to wear small-size watches because men wear smaller watches that look less feminine or feel like wearing child watches.

Large and medium size watch the most suitable standard dress. The oversized watch worn on the wrist is too big.

The ideal is that the watch case and wrist size, try not to exceed the wrist edge. Imagine your wrist is a plate, you fill food, of course, do not want food overflow. So, in the end how much the watch, this is a personal preference, but remember not to go beyond the wrist.

If you want to buy a medium-sized watch, there is an unwritten rule that the watch case occupy at least three-quarters of the wrist. Otherwise, it feels feminine.

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