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At any time to improve the standard of living, wearing a watch is not a time to look at the work, more of a manifestation of identity and charm highlight the art and decorations

The first point: Some watches are waterproof, but the vast majority of watches are only waterproof within 30 meters to 50 meters. And if not properly used diving table can not dive, but also into the water. Many people think that the watch in the corresponding depth of water will not be a problem, but 30 meters to 50 meters actually refers to life waterproofing. In short: It is best not to wet your watch. When the water depth is 100 meters when the water into the watch, the watch will not water. But the real diving watch waterproof depth is more than 200 meters.

The second point: Some people wear watches to sweat steaming, however, the temperature of the steam room is much higher than normal temperature, a huge temperature difference will lead to waterproof gasket premature aging. Even a diving watch may lose the waterproof function of the watch before the deadline for changing the waterproof gasket.

The third point: prolonged exposure of the watch in dusty places, it will lead to the case into the gap dust. Increased dust will make the movement of table oil dry faster, this is a bad thing for the movement. Although there is not much dust exposure in normal life, it is still useful to wipe the watch case with a wiping cloth. Dust does not seem to have much to do with the watch, but one of the three natural enemies of the movement itself is dust.

Fourth point: We do not see love watch people wearing high-level watch this golf swing. In particular, the kick-off that one, the moment of force wrist G is very alarming. Although this is nothing to human bones, but it is a great impact on the watch. Many high-level watches are sent to the repair center due to the owner's passionate swing. The movement is very "fragile", especially in the face of severe vibration.

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