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The New iShowcase Present
 Make sure to check out the NEw Commercial for iShowcase Presents.  A variety TV program giving indie artists of all kinds their chacne to shine! Think you have what in takes to be on this show?  If so, email us your info to
The Charming Styles of: Miss Alexa Brook
Alexa Brook; up and coming sensation full of talent, touching listeners with meaningful lyrics and positive messages.  Alexa’s divine voice has been compared to musical talents such as the powerful Adele and soulful Alicia Keys. In the past several months Alexa has been in the studio...
King Ryan Events, located in the Beverly Hills / Los Angeles Area produces music events and has been using the name iShowcase Music. We (the original iShowcase) would like to be clear in stating that this gentlemen is in no way affiliated and/or associated with iShowcase whatsoever, and has...
Alexa Brook - iShowcase's Newest Singer/Songwriter
 We at iShowcase are so excited to present to you the lovely and talented Alexa Brook.  Check out Alexa's new single, "Open Your Eyes," which is an inspirational song receiving great reviews.... Alexa will be performing LIVE onf Fox 35 this week.  Make sure to check back...
"Wedding Perfection" - The art of creating the perfect wedding.
Getting Married?  "Wedding Perfection" - The art of creating the perfect wedding is an on-the-go reference guide, wedding planner, and therapist rolled into one. If you are getting married, or know someone who is, Wedding Perfection is a Must Read!  Relieve stress, and enjoy your...
Deepest Rotation in Baseball
 When it comes to sports the old rendition that universally proves true is: offense gets you in the playoffs but defenses wins championships. So with that in mind and opening day right around the corner, I feel like now is as good as any to take a look at the upcoming baseball season or more...
The Quietest Superstar in the NBA
If I were to ask you who the best power forward in the NBA is, who might you answer with? You may answer with Dirk Nowitzki, the reigning Finals MVP of the Dallas Mavericks. Maybe you respond with Chris Bosh the third amigo to the Miami Heat’s Big Three. Or maybe you would think of Pau Gasol...
Dwight Howard should leave the Magic
I hate being the bearer of bad news, I really do. It's like telling a gal you want to breakup, its often awkward and leaves both parties with a bitter taste in their mouth. But its finally time for Howard to ask for a divorce from the city of Orlando. Yes, I am a fan of the Magic. Yes, I...
Western Conference All-Star Roster review
After writing about the Eastern Conference we now move to the more well-rounded and dominant Western Conference. With eleven teams within two games of a playoff spot, the Western Conference, unlike the East, has become an all out brawl with no dominant favorite but plenty of solid if...
Eastern Conference All-Star Roster Review
Having already written a teaser with some of the storylines that make this All-Star just so intriguing (if you haven’t read it, you should, its quite good) its time now to really get down to the actual game. So here’s a breakdown of the Eastern Conference All-Star roster with some arguments...

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