The Charming Styles of: Miss Alexa Brook

Alexa Brook; up and coming sensation full of talent, touching listeners with meaningful lyrics and positive messages.  Alexa’s divine voice has been compared to musical talents such as the powerful Adele and soulful Alicia Keys. In the past several months Alexa has been in the studio writing and recording with Producer and Grammy Voting Member, Scott Messina. I had the opportunity to discover more about the Soul and R&B singer/songwriter.  I come now to share my findings so you can too find out more about the performer. Enjoy!


-I saw you performed live on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando recently.  How did you enjoy the opportunity to perform on live television?

Alexa: I felt very privileged to have that opportunity to perform live on TV. It was a fun and exciting experience! I was a little nervous beforehand, but once we were live, the nerves went away! It was so quick, so I can't wait to be able to do it again!

-You did an amazing job, I can’t wait until the next opportunity! I must say your newest single, "Open Your Eyes”, is a moving song with touching words.  What truly inspires you as an artist?

Alexa: Seeing the world and how negative it can be actually inspires me to do what I can to help people. Every person I come across has a story, something they are going through. If I can help even just one person through my songs, it would all be worth it. Every time I see another news story or have someone share their heart with me, I am inspired to write more positive, encouraging lyrics to hopefully comfort those who need it most.


-As a lover of music, I can truly appreciate the meaning behind your music. You seem to be very keen on the industry. Were you surrounded by music your entire life? 

Alexa: Yes I was! My dad is very into music and plays a numerous amount of instruments! He always encouraged us to be involved with music. It's funny because growing up, all my siblings loved basketball. As they got older, they each started picking up their own instruments and some are interested in singing now as well!


-Oh how fun. It bet living in a musical family has been quite motivating! What is your earliest “musical memory”?

Alexa: My earliest musical memory was when I had my first solo on stage. My elementary school was very small, so it wasn't a big audience. I was 5 years old, and I was one of the few chosen for a solo for my kindergarten graduation ceremony. I don't think I was nervous, but to be honest, it was such a long time ago that it’s hard to recall!

-What an opportunity at such a young age! Many artists say they live for music and it is their true love.  Clearly you love music, but do you have any loves?

Alexa: I love Jesus, my family, my friends, piano, tennis, snow skiing, slalom skiing, and my 2 long-haired miniature dachshunds! I guess I should just admit that I love all animals :)

-Aww, I love that list.  I can see why you have a great amount of inspiration to bring to your works! You describe your music as Soul and R&B.  Do you have a favorite musical genre to jam out to when you are singing in the car

Alexa: Even though I love to sing Soul and R&B, I love listening to all kinds of different genres. In the car, you can find me jamming out to Soul and R&B, country, rock, folk, hip hop, and many more genres! ;)


Think we could hear some of your “car singing?” Just kidding! Any musicians you admire?

Alexa: I love Alicia Keys for her incredible talent and for her genuine personality. I admire Adele for her beautiful voice and the fact that she came into this industry in her own way, with a different style. She never conforms and I love that! I also admire Brooke Fraser who is a popular artist in New Zealand and Australia. She tells incredible stories through her songs and always writes positive, encouraging lyrics. She is a folk artist, but I love her lyrics to her songs!


What a “powerful three” you have listed above. Once in a while you hear of entertainers admitting to getting nervous before getting onstage. Do you find your nerves “getting the best of you” before a performance?

Alexa: I find that when I haven't performed in a long time, I do have some nerves, but normally the stage is a comfortable place for me. I get more nervous if I have to talk! Singing and performing is the place where I shine! I love it and usually don't get very nervous.


-Strong stage presence means a lot as an artist. I could definitely tell you were in your element on Fox 35 performance. What advice would you give to those who are anxious about performing in front of crowds?

Alexa: Just relax! You don't have to worry about being perfect because nobody is! Even the best of the best have their "off" moments. The most important thing to do is sing your heart out, don't just perform, sing from the soul! Feel what you are saying. Give it your all and take a few deep breaths :)


- That’s very good advice to share! We know music cannot take up 100% of your time. As a 19 year old, how do you balance your music with other daily obligations?

Alexa: It's not always easy, especially when you have a small tendency to procrastinate with things like practicing! I really try to make my music one of the main priorities in my life. It's something that I feel very passionate about, so if I really want to pursue it as my career, I need to work hard for it!


-Sounds like you are very motivated! Just curious, what is the best advice you have ever been given?

Alexa: Be Yourself!! As cliché as it sounds, being confident in who you are, and never conforming to the world is so important no matter what you do! People will always try to change you and tell you what to do. Take advice, be humble, but don't let anyone take away anything that makes you the way you are, unique and special.


-Sounds like you are guided in the right direction! It is true that there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself! Speaking of “being yourself”, what color do you feel best represents your personality?

Alexa: I would say yellow, because to me, yellow reminds me of the sun. The sun is bright and brings us joy when we see it rise or set. Yellow is sweet, and a delicate color, and I would say that I have a sensitive, gentle soul.


-Excellent response and reasoning! One last question for you. If given the opportunity to perform a duet with any singer, dead or alive, who would you choose to team up with?

Alexa: That's definitely a tough question to answer, but I would say Alicia Keys. She is a lovely, talented woman who has so much Soul and R&B in her voice that it would be an amazing experience to be able to belt it out with her!


- You both have lovely and strong voices! I wish I had connections and could make that duet happen. Maybe someday =) I wish you the best in your future endeavors.  I cannot wait to see how your career develops.  Thank you for your time, it is truly appreciated!





I hope you enjoyed reading the interview with Alexa Brook.  If you haven’t had the chance of listening to her newest single, “Open Your Eyes”, I encourage you to do so.  Below I will list the link to Alexa’s Twitter, her webpage, Facebook Music Page, the YouTube link for her performance on Fox 35 Good Day Orlando, and the iTunes link where you can download her single.  I hope you enjoyed the interview! More to come…










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