"Wedding Perfection" - The art of creating the perfect wedding.

Getting Married?  "Wedding Perfection" - The art of creating the perfect wedding is an on-the-go reference guide, wedding planner, and therapist rolled into one. If you are getting married, or know someone who is, Wedding Perfection is a Must Read!  Relieve stress, and enjoy your special day by learning as much as you can from the professionals who have produced weddings on a daily basis for over twenty years. You will be amazed as to how good you feel, and how smooth things run. Knowledge IS Power, so empower yourself with Wedding Perfect by Scott Messina.

Since, June the reviews have been stellar.  The approach author Scott Messina has taken is simple, yet direct and effective.  National and International bloggers from DisneyFairyTaleWedding.com, DisneyMooner.com and DisneyPodcast.com.com have already reported and featured Scott Messina and Wedding Perfection.  

Wedding Perfection is a Must Read and can be downloaded by visiting www.WeddingPerfection.info where that will guide you to iBook, Nook and Kindle.  if you are interested in purchasing a paperback verions, email us at info@iShowcase.net  to order your copy today.

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