Have TV Singing Competitions, " Jumped the Shark?"

For those of you who may not know this, the term, "Jump the Shark,"  came from the hit 70's program Happy Days when Fonzi was on water skis (wearing a leather jacket) and, "Jumped a Shark."  Though the iconic show was already near it's end, after Fonzi jumped the shark it seemed as if 90% of America tuned it off from that point forward. The writers and producers had already thought of everything and had no where else to go, so as a desperate measure, they came up with this stupid idea which has stuck in people's minds for almost 30 years now.   I believe Radio Icon, Howard Stern is the one who made the term, "Jump the Shark" famous.

Now lets look at all of the hit TV vocal competition currently being produced aired on every network.  It started off with Ed McMahon's Star Search, and has now turned into American Idol, America's Got Talent, Karaoke USA, The Sing Along, The Voice, and most recently the X-Factor with Simon Cowell....  I'm sure I'm missing one or two more. My question is this, how many more times can producers in Hollywood find different ways to have starving vocalist compete against one another, when most of these candidates have a better chance of literally winning the lottery!  

Recently we sent several of our top iShowcase members to an industry preferred audition for Mark Burnett's, "The Voice"   Yes, the singers did not have to wait in line with 26,000 others, but each of the members reported similar stories about the experience saying that the show producers (or interns in some cases) all acted as if they had already knew EXACTLY who was going to be on the show, and what they were looking beforehand.  

Industry Secret: It's not all about the voice and talent, it's about the backline story of each individual and what powerful, sad, exciting, tragic story that make up their lives will touch the core of America's soul in order for that television program to achieve exceptional ratings, which in turn created exceptional sponsorship opportunities.   Another words, the on going pattern iShowcase sees happening on a grand scale is that it's ALL about the revenue generated, and always will be - which is SAD!!!    

I really find it amazing that for those fonal contestants who place within the top twelve on American Idol, after being exposed to 35Million veiwers each and every week, the record sales, reputation and popularity of these artists struggle.  Why?  It's called being "over-exposed!”  By the time these people are seen in American Homes each and every night, week after week, viewers have had enough and are ready to move on.   On a side note, I remember when Beyonce came close to doing the same.  She performed on the Grammy's, American Music Awards, and the Oscars; all within a two to three month period.   Justin Beiber is another one......    Just so you know, the industry goal is to hit it hard, as quickly as possible for as long as possible until the well runs dry.  Luckily, Beyonce and Beiber are so talented, neither were effected by this, but others aren't so lucky.  Over exposure can definitely do damage, though some say its a excellent problem to have.....  That's debatable.

Ok, back to the competitions.....    I believe that all of these competitions sell the dream in order to profit.  What about the real artist, songwriter and producer?  They lady or gent working in the studio or touring diligently (for years) with several hit songs just sitting on the shelf, and the total package ready to become a true superstar.  How do they get discovered/ noticed?  Well my friends, the answer to that question is the exact reason why iShowcase was created, to give as many "unknowns" as possible a chance to learn from the experts and grow without the gut wrenching torment of being ridiculed for trying.   The truth is, the chance of becoming Beyonce or Justin Beiber are probably 1 in 10,000,000....  but if your are passionate, confident and believe in yourself  - the sky is the limit and never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Go against the grain a little, take chances and don't be foolish enough to think that Simon Cowell and/or LA Reed is instantly going to make you a star.   My favorite saying is that I can't wait to share with people that I have become a, “20 year overnight success.” 

iShowcase - It's Your Time to Shine!!!



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