Comedian John Henton (A True Pro)

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to enjoy one of our favorite hot spots, the Orlando Florida Improv  Our regular routine includes eating at the wonderful Fat Fish Blue (next door) about 2 hours before the show.  The headliner was John Henton, (aka) Overton from the hit TV show, "Living Single," and he was also a regular on, "The Hughleys"

This was the second time we had gone to see John do his thing (the first time was in October 2010) never once thinking that there could be a chance that we may experience the exact same show, once again. I am happy to report that John Henton was funny as ever, and consciously changed it up just enough to make it a fun, and a new experience for us.  

The IMPROV was packed, as John took control and never let up.  One of his strongest comedic traits (to which I've seen first hand) is how he deals with hecklers and/or unexpected situations.  He is witty, one top of his game, and funny as hell, so definitely watch out if you drink a few too many, get loud at one of his shows, and make the grave mistake of thinking you are funnier then he is!  He will win the battle (and the war) unless your name is Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and/or Martin Lawrence - even then, I'm still not sold that the outcome would be in their favor?!

There was a really bad storm the night we were there, and in the middle of his set, one of the amps blew and he lost audio.  He played it off with perfection, he improvised and still kept a room full of fans laughing without missing a beat (and without a microphone.)  The friendly and professional staff at the The Orlando Improv were able to get the audio up and running soon after, but I enjoyed seeing how John handled the moment.  You see, in this business seeing how a talent handles an unexpected situation determines the true professionals from the wannabe's.  it's never really the issue at hand, it's always how its handled.  John Henton handled this particular incident with poise and perfection.  

After the show, fans lined up to get their picture taken as he was gracious enough to do a meet and greet at Fat Fish Blue.  On my way out, I quickly walked over to tell him how great of a job he did, and that this was the second time seeing him at the IMPROV. The first words out of his mouth were, "Thanks man, I hope I switched it up enough for you."  That simple statement confirmed to me that John Henton is a true professional, one who cares about the IMPROV, his content, audience and fans greatly.  

We at iShowcase would like to see John Henton back on television, and soon.  He's one of the good guys, and deserves it; but until that day comes, make sure to be on the look out for his next live performance.  Experiencing his stand-up is well worth the time, money and effort…


The Orlando Improv is located at 9101 International Drive - Suite 2310 - Pointe Orlando (407) 480-5233 

Fat Fish Blue is located Next Door.

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