Vocal Infatuation, WHY?

For decades, dating back to before the Ed Sullivan Show, television and radio have searched, introduced and exploited vocalist by popular demand.  Elvis, The Beatles, and thousands of others were invited into every living room, and as the popularity of these legendary performers grew, so have television ratings because of it.  Why? Entertainment, Sports and Pop-Culture overall is a temporary release (a get away if you will) from the day to to day norms and burdens people face.

Seeing someone talented perform is like an aphrodisiac, and these days, seeing some crash and burn brings a comic value that no one in the past could have ever predicted except for maybe the "Gong Show" in the 1970's.  Today, with SO many different shows reaching Millions of viewers nightly, it's making it more difficult for the Indie Artist to be heard.  From American Idol, to The Voice, America's Got Talent, and X Factor around the corner, over saturation of vocal talent shows are surely a detriment to the "not so popular" Indie artist trying to pave their way.

Some claim that with the power of viral marketing and the internet, the little guy has just as much power as Sony Records, Atlantic, Universal-Motown, Jive, etc., but do not believe that  in its entirety. Let me explain: Major labels STILL have the deep pockets and relationships with advertisers to purchase and implement heavy marketing strategies that work.  For example, I'm sure you can only imagine how much the marketing budget was for the official release of Lady GaGa's newest Album.  Millions, hence the reason you have seen her on every show, in every magazine, and heard on the radio like she is the only recording artist in existence!  That extreme level of exposure comes with a hefty price, but once the snow ball starts to form, then others jump on the band wagon hoping to capitalize on the success of it.   "Pay a lot for marketing up front to get the word out, and once it catches, hold on tight!"  But even for the majors, there are no guarantees, nor the perfect recipe for success - they just know how to throw major dollars behind an Artist in hope that it will make an impact ...

There are so many excellent unknown artists and songs out there, almost too many to choose from.  The goal for iShowcase is to simply help gain the trust of such artists and athletes by helping the connect by providing exposure, opportunity and knowledge, WITHOUT selling false hopes or dreams.  There are no guarantees (especially in this business), but never lose hope.  If you truly believe in who you are, and what you're doing, just make sure your passion supersedes all expectation, then no one can stop you.


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