Why, Christina Aguilera, WHY?

 I am sitting here at my computer STILL in negative wonder, venting over the fact that Christina Aguilera (as talented as she may be) took the one song that all true Americans consider the fiber of our great country's existence, and completely sabotaged it in front of the WORLD. I'm sure if they could change it, the NFL would have preferred Leah Michelle to sing the anthem instead.  In fact, the NFL (and America) would have probably preferred hearing Whitney Houston on Crack, and/or Rosanne Bahr belt it out rather than what we all were subjected to on Sunday February 6th, 2011 - a night that will never be forgotten.

What irritates me most is that the NFL organization understandably put 100% belief into a multi-Grammy Award Winner, a star who has upheld an pretty decent reputation. Live TV is Live TV,  there is no taking it back (I Get It), but if Christina would have just sang the damn song the way it was written instead of trying to scat the entire thing and writing her own melody, I believe she could have gotten by (except for forgetting the lyrics)  there was nothing she could have done about that.   I understand that everyone can have a bad performace, but as a performer myself, I know that you are only as good as your last performance.

My point:  National Recording Artist, iShowcase featured member and great friend of mine, Tierney Allen has performed the National Anthem before several times for the NFL, NASCAR, etc..  I have stood there with her on the 50 yard line, personally experiencing the unbelievable honor it is to be asked to sing the anthem in front of millions. Her preparation, discipline and focus is like something I have never seen, and her performances have all been flawless. Tierney NFL Performance

Enjoy Tierney's version, and cleanse your ears (and memory) of the version we all were forced to endure: JANGO  If you like what you hear, then please spread the word, as doing so will definitely bring awareness to Tierney's beautiful rendition of our country's most important song. iTunes Link

In conclusion: I can assure you that Christina Agularia's rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner will go down in history as one of the worse anthem performance of our time.  Should we feel bad for Christina?  No, we should not!!  Reason: If she would have sang the song the way it was written instead of attempting to write her own on the fly, then maybe....  but this definitely was not the case, and she should have known better.  I definitely believe that God has interesting ways of humbling people, and we can only hope that this experience has totally humbled Christina Agularia.

Comment, share this Exclusive iShowcase blog, and tell us what you think? We look forward to reading your responses.

God Bless America, and let's pray that this never happens again!

Scott Messina, CEO



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