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The shortest 7 rooms today
Bordure is in room three
Room no . nine leads to room eleven
Room number 1 will be faster than space 4
There is a concealed shadow altar within the room (today suddenly a couple of altars are lacking...
3 fascinating challenges (map noticing P and G) and 2 of an altars (map observing D) on the primary line
Today's graph is generally medium (in fact, the case is not really buggy,Path Of Exile items, but the INSECT is a little less key)
The solution to some individuals ask interesting difficulties, in fact there is:
Id = Ascendancy
A lot of people ask typically the question of the flooring puzzle, but I truly think it is unnecessary to express that it is an grammar school puzzle, but you will find too many people to ask.
Ground puzzles the door there exists a door, front door you will see 3-4 pieces of the ground of the random, because from a distance the door in order to door safely stroll can open the doorway of the puzzle, pay attention to you through the floors pattern sequence (assuming is fire -- ice - electricity).
And then you go within and then you go with the floor in the purchase of the ice, ice, the ice, you know, you decide to go wrong, you go incorrect, it's really not hard
Steady maximum 6 take some time (BUG fix not really stable and only 5) today (now at the end right standard enjoyable challenge, there must be a pair of contains two solidité keys, verified, and also the other ordinary silver precious metal treasure box, shadow labyrinth and last boss altar cherish chest all find give bronze important, but not included in the concern of these random)
On the left hand side, the blue us dot above the room indicates where you're heading
Take the key to the important thing:
Wang, who wiped out room 3, obtained a bronze essential
2 . The first stage does not destroy often the curse tower when it comes to the king (the key is not available if the BUG is not fixed)
3. In the 2nd stage,poe items, the cal . king was defeated without having killing any devoted general
4. one The third stage could be more difficult to play as soon as the two stages fulfill the conditions, but may drop three dureté keys
5. A number of interesting challenges mentioned in the lower correct (both P as well as G are labeled). Two of them tend to be obtained from two copper mineral keys
Today, the exact boss form is usually sword shield
Contact form difficulty: double sword >  blade shield >  hands hammer
Episode injury: double sword >  blade shield with fingers hammer >
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