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 Netflix and chill! The mantra millennials live by.

Before the advent of the blessing, we now call Netflix, life was so complicated (now that we come to think of it). Finding torrent links, downloading seasons on hard drives or asking friends to lend their USBs to us so we can transfer the seasons on our laptops was how our lives operated pre-Netflix era. The website is so popular amongst teens and adults like that telecommunication companies offer it as part of their cable TV and Internet packages as well. An example is Spectrum TV packages. I am pretty sure other companies offer this feature as well. What makes Netflix a favorite among many is the ability of individuals to access some of the most famous seasons and movies.

In case you are wondering, here’s a list of all the shows that you should be watching on Netflix right now.


An American psychological show, ‘YOU’ should be on top of your binge-watch list. You will actually be able to do so because the show has only ten episodes as of now. It is rather interesting to know that ‘YOU’ did not garner all the hype until late December last year. Before that, the show was not able to grab a lot of attention. But following the Christmas celebrations, something amazing happened. People started sharing posts about ‘YOU’ on social media. And people now await the second season of the show.

Sex Education

A Netflix original, Sex Education is set in Britain. The story mainly revolves around a bunch of teenage kids and their struggles to keep their hormones in control. The show also highlights rather disturbing facts about the acceptance of the society when it comes to gays or lesbians. A British comedy-drama, the show will give you tears of joy and pain at the same time.

Altered Carbon

The sci-fi show will give your mind many instances to get confused at. The show will leave you baffled and you will be surprised to learn all that technology is capable of doing in the future and beyond. However, be patient if you start watching the show. Because it will take 2-3 episodes for the story to take-off.

Peaky Blinders

A British crime-drama series set in Birmingham; Peaky Blinders throws light on the era post World War I. The series is based upon the then popular Shelby family and the crimes that the gang committed.

Black Mirror

If there exists a season on Netflix that is capable of blowing your mind away, that’s Black Mirror. The show is a dystopian vision of the future. And how the world operates after the technology has taken over.

The Crown

A Netflix original, Crown is known to be one of the most expensive shows ever made by the network. The royal drama charts the rise and rise of Queen Elizabeth II. Set in different time periods, the show is a must watch for all those who inspire to learn more about the history of the British era.

Stranger Things

If you are still alive in the year 2019 and you do not live under a rock, chances that you have not heard the name ‘Stranger Things’ are rare. This horror series set in the 1980s has won millions of hearts across the globe.

The Staircase

An original crime story documentary, this show talks about the remarkable story of Michael Peterson’s trial.

Making a Murderer

Apart documentary, Making a Murderer became one of Netflix’s most talked about series. It narrates the story of Steven Avery, who was wrongly accused of attempted murder and sexual assault. The series grabbed the attention of many and forced people to think about such cases. Hence, starting a debate on the issue.

Queer Eye

Revolving around five gay men, Queer Eye is set in rural places like Georgia. The show was a huge success and received a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Last Kingdom

Based on a series of novels with the same name, the show is set in the 9th century. The era before England was unified. It is a must watch for history lovers.


Marvel’s Daredevil is a hit amongst Marvel and non-Marvel fans. The show returned for the third season and is dubbed as one of the best series to come out of Netflix and Marvel collaboration.


Maniac is a perfect example to quote when supporting the argument that series do not need to run for multiple seasons to be successful.

Chef’s Table

Where are all the foodies at? This show will make you hungry in the stomach and the eyes. So, here’s an advice: DO NOT watch this show when you have hunger pangs. It takes you into the kitchens of some top cooks across the world. Rest I leave to your imagination.


This anxiety inducing show revolves around a metropolitan police officer (a war veteran). Assigned with the task to act as a bodyguard to Conservative Home Secretary.

The list can go on and on because Netflix has so many amazing series to offer. In case you do not have a subscription, now is the time. That reminds me, I need to contact my AT&T customer service and get an upgrade as well. I'm telling you, once you have access to Netflix, you will find it hard to get away from your TV even on the weekends! It is that addictive!

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