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Students can earn extra cash by doing various small jobs. Such jobs do not create a problem in their studying routine because they only require an hour or two every other day. These small tasks are great for students, because not only they help in generating extra cash; students get some work experience along the way.

If your writing skills are good, you can easily earn some extra cash on the internet. You can work for one of the assignment websites to help the students who find it difficult to complete their college assignments. Try to take small orders though, because you do not want the additional writing work to disrupt your college schedule. Many students like to create an online blog in which they share their life as a human being and as a student. If you are interested in a particular area, it will be great to start a blog in that niche and post valuable information on it every other day. A blog will not make you any money in the beginning, but as your reader base grows, you can make money by putting advertisements on your blog.

Internet is not the only way to earn some extra cash. You can do this offline too; look for a few hours job on the weekend in any field. This will help you to get out in the city and get some real life exposure to recharge your batteries for the coming week.