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 Just some 20 years ago, any advice on renting a car would sound like madness. What tips when renting a car was considered bourgeois luxury? Today in Russia this service has become common, familiar and in demand. For people who live on wheels, even the temporary absence of a friend’s friend becomes intolerable. Business trips, weddings, meeting of business partners and many other events require the presence of vehicles. Taxi - expensive pleasure. A rental car saves mobility and customer money.


Tips on choosing a car for rent

Before you make an order for a rental car, experts advise you to remember which vehicles you used to drive. If you drive a car with mechanics, do not rush to get behind the wheel of a rented "automatic". The same applies to the right-left steering and other features of the control machine.

In addition, we advise you to pay attention to the brand of rented car. Pathos pathos, but it is hardly worth renting a car to an elite if you are just going for a picnic. When choosing a car, pay attention to its brand - each of them must have a justified appointment.

It is clear that the rental of domestic cars will be cheaper than the same, in class and age, foreign vehicle. If you want to go out of town with a company or a large family for a picnic, choose a minibus or even an SUV.

In recent years, people are advised to take a car for excursions, for a trip to the sea. Especially since rental companies respecting customers offer cars with air conditioning, navigators, recorders, video and audio systems, and other stuffing. Such a trip (especially if there are several passengers) will be not only comfortable, but also cheaper than the total travel by train, plane, or bus back and forth.

When renting a car, use one more important advice: find out whether the rental company has OSAGO and CASCO coverage.

An insurance policy for a rental car will save you from unnecessary expenses and will cover the cost of treatment, if a serious accident happens. Anyway, before you get behind the wheel of a rented car, carefully read the contract. If in the contract you see something written in micro letters, it is better to take the car to another company.

To sum up?

And remember, in reliable firms the machines “do not stagnate” - a decent landlord has a simple phenomenon - the rarest phenomenon. Therefore, we advise you to book in advance by phone or online a suitable car brand. By the way, serious companies do not "chase" the client to the car - "Magomet" in the form of a car hire, he gets to the "mountain" (customer). The same story with the return of the car - a serious company will take the car even outside the city. Summing up all our tips, we note what you need to pay attention to when renting a car:


  • for billing (per day, per week, per month);
  • for billing (per day, per week, per month);
  • car make;
  • fuel consumption;
  • rent terms;
  • where is the car;
  • Do you need a rental car with a driver;
  • Is there insurance coverage?
  • from what age you can rent a car.

<!--Using our advice on car rental, you can fully enjoy the vehicle when your own, for any reason, is absent. And if you want to deal with a proven company, choose Atrevel - with us cheap, reliable and comfortable. Contact us at any time, we have something to offer you!

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