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wholesale lingerie We all love comfort food, but did you know that a bag of chips and some Nutella can also be

a huge turn-on? Pair them with a gorgeous blonde lingerie model like Gemma Vence, for

instance, and there you go.

Then again, none of this is shocking, as Chris Applebaum has been pumping out clip after

clip depicting what's most aptly described as literal "food porn" for quite some time. And

Vence, who models for Guess, is a pro at making pretty much anything look incredibly sexy.

If the video serves as your first introduction this stunning New York native, then head to

her Instagram to really get to know her. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Kylie Jenner’s net worth may not be Kim Kardashian-high, but she is proving that age isn’

t anything but a number. Kylie was seen sporting an eye-popping dress-slash-lingerie number

recently in California. According to TMZ, the KUWTK star was leaving a business meeting —

yeah, a business meeting.

TMZ’s headline on Wednesday read, “KYLIE JENNER BUSINESS ATTIRE And Business is So Good.

” The gossip site showed the 19-year-old Kylie sporting an all-white form-fitting white

dress that came well above her knees.

Kylie was reportedly departing a meeting in Beverly Hills in the low-cut mini. The dress

with a corset overlay cinched in her midsection to display a Genie-like figure with buxom

assets. The youngest Jenner daughter wore her dark locks loose and completed her sexy dress

choice with a pair of matching strappy heels.

The news about Kylie Jenner’s dress for a reported business meeting comes on the heels of

her wanting to go at it alone. Rumors began floating about recently that Kylie is quitting

the KUWTK series and launching her own spinoff.

The E! Network has not released a formal statement confirming or denying the buzz, but

sources close to Kylie say it’s only a matter of time and the teen will get her own show.