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For a while you get difficulty in finding out your PAN number such as you not remember PAN number, or misplaced PAN number. And, want to find out PAN number online by single click. So, you can do this only by feeding your DOB, name and surname. It is a service itself offered by IT department formally. Now, PAN is obligatory in various transactions so we require it all over the place. PAN is to be cited on all documents or communications such as PAN to be provided by payee for TDS or TCS reasons, PAN is to be given when opening new bank account. You can know your PAN number by single click.

Know your PAN Number by Name and DOB

  • Go to the e-filing website.
  • Click on Know Your PAN button.
  • Furnish the below details:
  •  DOB or date of inclusion in DD/MM/YYYY layout
  • Surname, middle name and initial name.
  •  Feed the Captcha Code that is shown on screen.
  • Click on submit button.

The outcomes that will be shown include the following details

  1. Your PAN card number
  2. Your initial name, middle name and surname
  3. Jurisdiction
  4. Comments. This segment will affirm even if your card is active, not active or present in any other status.

Know your PAN card details from Income Tax Website

If you are required to know other information of your PAN card, you can do so via somewhat lengthy process. The details of your PAN involving your address is given to you after you sign up on the IT department’s e-filing website. Follow the procedure given below:

Visit Income Tax Department’s e-filing website.

·         Click on sign up button.

·         Choose your user type as valid and click to continue.

·         Give your fundamental details.

·         Fill up the registration form and click on submit button.

·         An activation link will be given to the email id given by you. Click on this link to initiate your account.

·         Sign in to your account on the e-filing website.

·         Choose profile settings

·         Choose option of my account.

·         The following information will be shown under PAN information:

·         PAN number

·         Name of assessee

·         DOB

·         Gender

·         Status

·         Assessee’s address

·         You can also see your address and contact information in different tabs.


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