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Plan to leave at least an hour or two after the game so you have hang out time to Plastic Container discuss the game and also clean up time. Be respectful and leave the area as you found it if not cleaner.

The final football game of the season is coming up. You want to invite all your cronies over to enjoy the biggest game of the year with you. However, how will you keep them content and fed?

The good news is, there are lots of ways to not only keep your guests happy, but you can enjoy the game, too!

From Great Tailgate Parties to Superbowl Party

Remember all those tailgate parties you went to at the stadium during football season? Why not make your Super Bowl party the same way? Set up lawn chairs for extra seating around the TV.

Set food out buffet style on the table and let everyone help himself or herself as they wish.

Get a good supply of good quality paper plates and plastic utensils... you will love it when it comes to cleaning up! Invoking the memories of tailgating last fall will help make your party a success.

Supply plenty of cold beverages. Soda, water, and beer will be the easiest to serve as well as what is expected. Keep them cold in chests full of ice.

We are invoking that tailgating fun remember? Plastic Lids Screaming and cheering brings on a lot of thirst, so be sure to stock enough!


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